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SMYRNA, TN | Crime Rates

SMYRNA is a Region located in TN (Rutherford County), and has a population of 35,664. This region is policed by SMYRNA POLICE DEPARTMENT.

SMYRNA has an overall crime rate of 3,704 per 100,000 residents. This is moderately safer than the rest of the United States, but still about average. This means that your chances of becoming a victim of any type of crime in SMYRNA is 1 in 27 if you reside there for a year.

Below are its crime rates and policing statistics according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports (UCR). For more specific crime statistics (NIBRS) for many US cities & counties, see Offense Statistics.

Crime Rates

(per 100,000)
Crime Rate (Overall) 3,704 4,506
Murder Rate 3 6
Robbery Rate 73 148
Rape Rate 22 30
Assault Rate 1,256 644
Burglary Rate 693 726
Forced Entry Rate 314 417
Larceny Rate 1,528 2,185
Auto Theft Rate 129 362

Policing Statistics

Overall Clearance 8% 28%
Homicide Clearance 33% 56%
Assault Clearance 13% 52%
Rape Clearance 9% 38%
Robbery Clearance 8% 23%
Burglary Clearance 3% 12%
Larceny Clearance 6% 18%
Auto Theft Clearance 4% 12%

Sex Offenders

Of the 730,000 sex offenders in the United States, there are a total of 0 sex offender(s) in SMYRNA. On a per capita basis, there are approximately 0 sex offender(s) per 100,000 people in SMYRNA. This is compared to the nation-wide average of 240 sex offenders per 100,000 people.

To search our sex offender database directly, see Sex Offenders in SMYRNA  .

To search the official state sex offender registry for Tennessee see

Data estimated from arrests & clearances from a sample from the Uniform Crime Reports, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Department of Justice. Washington, D.C. 2007. If missing data exist, these figures will tend to underestimate the true figures. is not responsible for the currency or accuracy of this data.

SMYRNA, TN Neighborhoods

Sorry, there is no neighborhood-level data for this region.

SMYRNA Regional  Gangs

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