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Friday, November 21, 2008

"i spent over 10 yrs. as a c.o. at vsp. continuous weak administration finally drove me out. it was sickening! i saw alot of things behind that razor wire. homosexual acts, rapes, gang fights, one on one fights, staff name it. the worst was in nov.2001 when i responded to a code3(officer needs help now!) when i got there they had just pulled the officer out of the dorm. his blue shirt wasn t blue anymore! he had been stabbed 18 times in the back, throat cut and numerous other wounds. and why? he couldn t get out! the electronic doors had been inoperable for over 2 months. i didn t sleep for 3 days! i later realized that i suffered from ptsd. later on the administration even took our batons know why? because it intimidated the inmates!!! i finally had a gut full in 2005 and left. it was the best thing i ever did! it was affecting my life and my marriage in a bad way! i remember how i used to brood several hours before work. psyching myself up! getting ready to be one against 50 or one aginst 100, depending on who called in sick! no....i don t miss it! not at all!"
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2 posts on this prison. Showing page 1 of 1.


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