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Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Miss j meah

To add to this it is illegal to block visits if it has not been put in writing asking for this from my husband or from myself which as not been done and the governor is the one who can only do this if I have been abusive to staff which has never ever been that way I have always been friendly and nice because we all know what they are capable of this has caused the upmost de stress so if anything happens you lot who's reading this knows they have pushed us so far me as far as walking away from my marriage as I've had no option or my husband if he comes out of there in a body bag , 11 inmates have come directly up to my husband telling him the prison officers have been stirring things up trying to get him a beating , seems the inmates are more honest than the guards in Belmarsh prison believe me no body's safe anywhere and guess who causes the trouble !!!!!!!
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Miss Jill meah

I'm a wife of a prisoner in Belmarsh prison , I have had my phone calls blocked saying my husband does not want to speek to me but he has got to put a application in saying this , there's never been one made from him . Then he gets told your wife wrote in as she does not want you calling her this all has to be done in writing and I never did this so after nearly 6 weeks and having to send letters to the governor and being lied about by the phone girl saying I called her a cunt on the phone yet again another lie but who's actually going to believe us or me about this ? My husband knows I'd never use that word and for over 2 years of visiting my husband I have been nothing but polite and decent to this officers , shame they don't know how to do this to us !!! Anyway after adventualky getting the phones back so we could try and hold on to the tiny bit of marriage we have left then our visits have been blocked for over a month now both me and my husband getting so angry now still can't get it unblocked I called the prison 235 times before I tried to get a visit to be told I'm still blocked wrote to the governor again all recorded delivery and this week called another 135 times before got a answer to be told still blocked and no one cares they lie to suit them selfs think there judge n jury and my husband is now talking about hanging himself seems like he's protest about this will finally be listened to and unblocked when he comes out in a body bag , the good old brilliant prison system as they said there staff are extremely professional idiots that's the bottom line there worse than the inmates for lying
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3 posts on this prison. Showing page 1 of 1.

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