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Central North Correctional Centre | Ontario

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Iola lucassie

I smoked the tobacco.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I smoked
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"I spent 26 months in that place and many more in other jails. If people want to whine and bitch about it there you can always go check out Edmonton remand, far worse there for living conditions. CNCC does have a lot of programs and if you use them you can better yourself. It is up to the offender how they want to do their time. I seen a lot of crazy things there, done some things but hey, if u want to play the game of life on the other side of the law that's where you're going to end up. At least doing time at CNCC you know one day you will get that van ride to Barrie and a bus ticket home. If you don't have the balls to do the time don't do the crime. Go to school, get a job, obey the law, don't speed or do speed and you should be ok. QUIT BITCHING IF YOU'RE AN OFFENDER"
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good news: there is currently an investigation underway at CNCC (penetang) regarding abuse by the CO's. Anyone have any stories? We should throw them out there even if you don't want to come forward if you're scared of being screwed over. There have been some suspensions and some of these dicks may actually lose their jobs.
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Hi I was in this jail in 2006. To be honest, it was not nearly as bad as Maplehearst where I was sent before I was sentenced. This might be due to the fact that the Penetangs sentenced side is not that bad. The guards at Maplehearst are extremely rude, as well as degrading, and inhumane. The guards at Penetang were not nearly as bad as Maplehearst. I heard that the detention side of Penetang is pretty racist towards non whites but I can t verify that. I would have preferred to be sentenced to C.C of Maplehearst, due to location but Penetang was not that bad.

At the time I was there they had a school program which was good but I heard now it s gone. Remember, jail is jail. Don t get punked off, mind your own business, and do your time. Handle problems if they come up and you ll be okay. Don t snitch and respect other inmates if there is mutual respect. I know segregation is bad but if you re black, chill with black, white with white, Asian with Asian, Native with Native, Indian with Indian, Muslim with Muslim (any race), and you ll be okay."
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Friday, July 08, 2011

"Yes, I was there too. That place was the worst I have ever been in."
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

"My name is 000443458 and I spent 15 long months on range 6B inside CNCC during which time I was locked down for a period of 2 and a half months. Luckily I had the position of a server, which in our terms is the person who feeds, cleans and runs the range. With this position I had a little more freedom then the other inmates but at the same time I also had more bad decisions to carry out within our range.

In the above story I seen a comment about the violence within this jail...I have to admit it can be very bad at times to the point where I still have dreams about the things I ve seen and been a part of. In this jail it is little better then the mother jail I spent doing detention till I was least at CNCC there are cameras preventing stuff from happening. But trust me, there is always a guard who will turn a blind eye and a spot where the cameras cannot see.

In the time I spent in HWDC, EMDC, Maple Hurst and CNCC I witnessed multiple stabbings, beatings, gang beatings and 4 deaths. A lot of the deaths or near-deaths that happen will never be read or heard about. I was inside during the lockdown when the listeria scare happened. I remember having to shower inside my cell using only my sink and plastic Rubbermaid container. There was a time when our toilet clogged and was not unclogged for 4 days at which time we were locked down and forced to shit and piss over and over while sleeping, eating, and living right next to our toilet with the worst air ventilation and air quality ever.

What I have wrote is just a small sample of the endless stories of what I witnessed and went through while being inside CNCC.

Regarding healthcare, I had contracted an infection in my big toe due to a hang nail, and within 2 days the infection had spread up my foot and proceeded to go up my leg until 6 days later I was finally treated. Just for a taste of how great the guards are at giving a shit, a man was stabbed numerous times in his back with a small buck knife that was smuggled in from another jail, and he was forced into the shower and given a new shirt and jumper from the inmates to cover his wounds from the guards. After this he was told not to say a word to the guards or he would be killed. The crazy part is that with the multiple wounds he received, most of which were bleeding inward, chances were he was going to die anyway. It wasn t till the second day after it happened that the guards noticed a problem after night lock up and removed the man on a stretcher...the next day OPP came in and in my guess the man had died, I luckily was being released on this day and was very thankful that I had chosen not to be a part of that specific act or I wouldn t be able to write this article.

Now some of you could say I could have done something or apart of the things I was, but until you live in jail for a couple years and are in general population you ll never understand what you have to do to survive and maintain as good of a life style as possible. Don t get it twisted either, there is drugs, tons of weapons and violence that will f**K a person up worse then going to the army! this all I can write for today...if anyone wants to hear more of my story or more so my success part of my story please email me at, I will be more then willing to help, give information or answer any other questions regarding the above jails I have listed and the life style within each. 36 months is my complete sentence between all the jails above."
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"My husband was just transfered from the Innes Rd. Correctional Facility in Ottawa. He had been there since the middle of October 2009. He was tranfered on November 10th 09 without notice. The only way I found out about this new predicament was through a collect-call from him the same night.

When he was at the Innes Rd Facility, there was a large black guard there who knew my husband from back in high school. Apparently this guard was tackled by my husband and his friends a lot during their high school football games. My husband called him a cokemachine with legs and clearly did steroids.

My husband was treated badly by him and beaten in a back room where no one could see or hear. This guard promised my husband that he would have a bad stay there and he would make sure of it. OVER A HIGH SCHOOL GRUDGE!! My husband is now 30. My husband was moved to D-Pod in the maximum side of Innes because of this guard. The guard wasn t allowed to transfer his shifts over to that side of the prison, so when he sent over another inmate, he promised that other inmate a pack of smokes if he would knock out my husband. Thankfully my husband is fairly large and knows how to defend himself. But no inmate can defend themselves against a guard! They ll just turn the situation around and nail the inmate with more time and something else to add to their criminal record. Now that my husband is over at Penetanguishene prison, he is too far away for me to go visit him. He s supposed to get out on Christmas day. I hope conditions will change as time goes by for the other inmates as well. "
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Monday, September 14, 2009

"My husands has to be there for awhile 14months. I can t believe how those men are treated in there by the gaurds. My god puppy mill dogs get more than them men.

Everyone makes mistakes and his was a stupid support payment mistake.. But isnt this place to rehabilatate? I was there on a vist and the whole time i was there the guard, instead of doing his job, was on facebook playing frigging farmville.

I would lose my job for that.

Then the guys ask the gaurds for something in there like toliet paper and its like when they feel like getting it for them.

My god these gaurds in there should be doing there frigging job thats what they get paid for they dont get paid for lockdowns when they dont feel like workin. They defenitely dont get paid for playin on facebook.

I think this jail should serously consider looking at who they hire in there.. If not one day all this will be exposed and will not look very good for the correctional centre. This place in penetange is trully a hell hole. And things should change in there. It s just a unhuman place for these prisoners."
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"My husband was in north Florida, Taylor CI. He did two years there. He got out it 06 He has nightmares still in his sleep he wakes up screaming. He was beat by the c.o while he slept. I would like to help him do something about this. We dont know what to do can any one help us please on this?? "
Rev.Rosemary Redshaw wrote on Saturday, January 10, 2015

    this is a long time in replying, too bad this site doesn't get more action....does he still require help
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