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Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre | Ontario

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014
just a girl

all in all a pretty decent place. food as well as can be expected, guards some good some bad, same as any job place. I found it ridiculous myself and many others being there on a breach and sorry to say but the judges who do this are ridiculous, apparently over a thousand dollars a day to house an inmate when community service work would be helping cut costs instead taxpayers are paying for this....truly ridiculous. if a person is charged with a breach make them work for it not cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars. funny thing for each breach there is a charge of $100 or you can make the choice and do a day, one day in jail...this is totally for 42 days I was there I cost you all 4200 when I could have been punished accordingly. put in a jail/daycare where you get t.v. phone, programs, people to chat with is not much of a punishment. making me clean a halfway house, or work at a soup kitchen or anything to help out the community would be all better. so shame on the judges, for there really is ALOT of people in there for breaches.
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Saturday, May 10, 2014
brian raymond

Correctional officers picking figure with inmates then street chargé the inmate with assault on a peace officer
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Sunday, April 06, 2014
Dawn Leblanc

My loving Husband has been in OC/DC since December 19th 2013.The day that he was suppose to go to trial, the guard from OC/DC that brought him down to Cornwall put gloves on all because of my husbands health status that he has. It didn't go to to trial and after everything was done, as the guard down here took him out the box were he was, he almost fell and the guard didn't bother to help him up, once he got himself up the same guard pushed my husband to in the door to were the holding cells are. His lawyer said to the judge about his health status.
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This place always seems to be in the news in Ottawa...poor conditions, too crowded, etc...I'm sure it's not a nice place to be detained...
wrote on Monday, December 02, 2013

shocked wrote on Tuesday, February 25, 2014

    people wouldn't feed that food to their dogs! a lot of people locked up there haven't been convicted or proven to be guilty of anything and should still be treated with human compassion. based on your comment it abusing prisoners of war is acceptable, "afterall they are prisoners"
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Friday, August 23, 2013
Nicholas Lavigne

I was beat down by the guards then shipped out to Lindsay.
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

My son is in jail after having done something under the influence. He does not even remember it. He had been making progress in his life by working and going to school. Now he is incarcerated. I have to take a very long bus ride to visit him for only 20 minutes. It is very painful to see your child in jail. It does not make me feel any better to know that the conditions are so bad. All I can do is hope and pray that he will not get MRSA and that he will get the help that he needs to overcome his need to abuse drugs and alcohol.
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

"I was sentenced to do 6 months in ontario, i did about 3 in ocdc. The conditions are really bad over there. The only source of water we have is in the bathroom where bugs come out of the sink, we had to stick pieces of styrofoam to the water tap to get more pressure so the water goes up unless you couldn t fill your small 6 oz cup, it would take about 40 sec to fill up that small cup, no soap dispenser so you would have to share a small bar with 30 other inmates to wash your hands. One day the urinal toilet was clugged took more than 3 days to get it fixed i was transfered to another jail before it was fixed.

One day i was returning from a day of court in quebec i wait 45 min in the Quebec officer in front of the jail, when i got in i asked for my supper, they told me they didn nt have none for me and the kitchen was closed. I said you guys have to feed me, they told me i would have to wait for the breakfast, told them they can t do that. they told me to ask inmates for food. finally they brought me a few slice of bread. I know i ve done something to end up in jail. but we re humans and we don t deserve these condition.

I would recommend the demolition of this facility."
J wrote on Saturday, August 24, 2013

    Me, too. I've heard really bad things about this place.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

"I have been visiting someone in Prison for the last 20 years. He is my High School boyfriend. I cried the first couple times I went to see him. When your loved one sees you cry and they know there is nothing to about it, that just makes them feel worse. He is in for life, and as much as it hurts sometimes, just remember the feeling you get when they walk into that visiting room and put their arms around you for your hug and short kiss. Don t dewll on the bad, think of things that make you feel good.

I visited him yesterday. He is in NSP in Carson City, Nevada and the thing to remember is that the gaurds have a job to do and a job description they have to follow too. If you show the guards respect, they will show you respect in return. It is up to you and your inmate to make the visit a good one or a bad one. If you are not breaking the visiting rules, the guards will respect you. Remember it is not a personal hit on you or your inmate, it is their job to make sure everyone follows the rules put in place for the visiting room."
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Tuesday, May 04, 2010
Angry in Ottawa

"This place is awful - even by detention standards. Even the lawyer said it was the worst in the province.

My son spent 10 days in this facility in mid-December 2009 while awaiting his hearing. Found guilty, he was fortunate to be able to serve his time on the weekends - fortunate because he could keep his job and sanity.

The downside to weekends is that the weekenders are put up in a wing of the facility that was actually condemned a few years ago. 3 or 4 guys are stuffed into a 2 man cell. The heat often doesn t work and the toilet back-up is common. One weekend, the toilet had already overflowed onto the floor on Friday night when they arrived and a plumber didn t arrive until Sunday afternoon - the guards let them out of their cell ONCE to use another toilet. There s mold on the walls and another weekend he and his cell mates put food crumbs in one corner to keep the ants from bothering them - and this was in winter !

By the 2nd week of January, he had a large boil on the back of his neck. It was far too large for a pimple and attempts to squeeze it out were unsuccessful.

Turns out that he contracted M.R.S.A while at OCDC. MRSA (pronounced Mersa) is contagious, highly resistant to antibiotics and can live on hard surfaces such as tables, trays and doorknobs. He had contracted the type that necrolizes the flesh. The average run-of-the mill anti-biotic will not work on MRSA. So, the much stronger and definitely more costly medication was necessary. The usual treatment is 10 consecutive days and repeat if required. The risk is that you can become resistant to the anti-b pretty quickly.

MRSA is considered one of the superbugs , and is frequently found in prisons, military facilities, gyms - basically anywhere people are crowded together.

The doctor had to make a 1 incision to open the boil and it took 1/2 hour to empty the pocket of infection. No anesthetic because it was too close to his spine - incredibly painful. Then,it was packed with gauze. The packing in the wound had to be changed every second day and the antibiotics were started.

When he checked in each Friday, he brought his meds. For next three consecutive weekends, when meds were delivered to the prisoners, he received someone else s meds. The nurse insisted they were the correct meds - but they weren t. Large, brilliant yellow pills do not magically turn into small white pills. He was warned to not make trouble or he would go on report. Each time that the meds were interrupted, the effectiveness of the anti-b s were diminished.

By the 4th weekend,a 2nd boil had started and the pain was incredible. This time a nurse (a different one and pretty decent) did the lancing and packing. During the process, the nurse mentioned that since mid 2008, over 80 inmates had to be taken from OCDC to the local hospital for treatment of MRSA. How bad is that ?

We ve been trying to get information about OCDC regarding MRSA and a few other things. Seriously considering a lawsuit. Researching the web, it looks like other penal institutions have this problem and inmates have been successful.

Anyone else have a similar experience ? "
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Friday, July 10, 2009

"I ve been at o.c.d.c. a few times. During a recent visit I declined the tb shot as I learned from the nurse that taking the tb shot was not law, but policy.

Becuase I declined I pissed off a guard who then put me on suicide watch - which means you have to wear a white gown-type outfit. It also meant segregation which I didn t mind cause I really do not fit in with the jail crowd type - for starters I don t do drugs, and the very first thing people usually get asked is if you have any drugs. As if I d hoop drugs too for others to use.

Jail is unpleasant period. If you find yourself in jail just remember to do as you are told by the guards except break any of God s commandments. If you do this you should be alright. If you keep to yourself in jail you ll usually be alright. If you re a big mouth I would think that whatever you say will piss someone off who ll then want to knock you out. I m a quiet guy so usually no problems with other inmates. "
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