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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Let me just say this. I did time at L.C.C. and you won't know the real truth until you have done time in Prison anywhere. The female C/O's are worse than the male C/O's. It seem like they have to treat you like crap and that they are better than you, and they make that clear in their conduct. Especially all of these new cop wannabes that are fresh off the street, they think they own the prison. Lovelock has very little Politics, as we call it. It's prison compared to the other yards in Nevada, The food is CRAP!! Serving meat not for human consumption. According to the ACLU they have a budget of $2.07 per inmate per day. That won't even buy you a happy meal at McDonalds. The staff that walk the tiers always look for some way to screw with you, and they shake you down for no reason at all and lock you down for days, even weeks. Showers occur maybe every 3rd day when locked down.

There are all kinds of gangs on this yard, but everybody just wants to do their time and go home. Prison is Prison no matter where you are. You are stripped to nothing in prison. They try to take the one thing you have and that's your soul. Don't let what you read about how they treat you with respect and all that crap. This is prison, C'mon Man, there is no respect in prison. To them you are the dirt of the earth. They don't care about you, yet they say they are there for our safety. B.S.

Most of them are up in the bubble on the phone all day long and the night staff sleep after lock down. They smoke in there when they are not supposed to and then shake the unit down for contraband like cigarettes. The staff pick and choose who they want to be friends with, but those inmates are stupid because you don't become friends with the cops, they will throw your ass in the hole in a heart-beat. That's how they manipulate you. The case workers are so lazy. They just go to pick up a pay check. They don't help you out like they are supposed to do. I will agree with it being the easiest yard in the state though. They call L.C.C. Prisneyland because it's so laid back as far as prison politics go. You still have all your high profile cases on the yard that will kill you in a heart beat. I hope all the people working for the system all burn in Hell for the way they treat inmates. Some prisons the inmates run the show, not the wannabe cops. That's all I wanna say about L.C.C. Don't be fooled by what you read unless it's from someone like me, who has lived behind those walls and fences. "
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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My brother is serving time at Lovelock. He says he is treated well and has no fears in there. He has adjusted as well as anyone can in prison and seems to get along well with everyone. Says the staff there are real nice and respectful.

He is told Lovelock is the best it gets as far as prisons go in Nevada so I am glad he ended up there. Still wish he was here with family but...I visited him in Lovelock January of 2009 and he is right. Staff is great.
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3 posts on this prison. Showing page 1 of 1.

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