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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

I was a inmate at Tutwiler Prison for 6 months. Even though the medical sucked I never experienced any sexual or verbal abuse from the guards. I made several good friends while being there. The prison was not the cleanest place to be. The food was awful, but the staff there helped me not to want to come back. Prison is getting worse for females as well as for male inmates. The prison is what you make of it. You go in and do your time and you are ok.

Some of the inmates make it hard for themselves, but prison has a lot to offer if you go through its programs and follow the rules. As anywhere, you have to do that and respect goes a long way in prison. The prisoners there have it bad enough without making more problems for themselves.

Nothing ever happened to me there and my heart goes out to those who have been hurt or neglected. Incarceration is hell on everybody, including the inmates' family. Even though I am out I still pray for every female inside that prison. MAY GOD BLESS THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES.
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

"My wife had a lawyer that did not help her. She told him that her rights were not read to her, and the female officer told her that she didn t have to have them be read to her. It s her word against the officer s. The lawyer told her that the judge will give her probation if she pleaded guilty, and I even wrote a letter to the lawyer to give to the judge. When time came to see the judge, he told my wife to plead guilty and say nothing else and told my friend to say nothing. I was in San Antonio for medical problems with my heart.

The judge confined her to Tutwiler Prison for women. The lawyer didn t even tell the judge that she completed a drug Rehab class in Phoenix City. The lawyer was a waste of time. I guess that s how he treats a Combat Vet who is retired, and I lost my spouse that I wanted to help in San Antonio.

My wife was getting SSI and she lost that, how is she going to pay her fine? I ve been looking for somebody to help me. She s been having a hard time in prison. The boss threatened her, because she tells them everything they don t do to help her health needs. He told her to quit telling your husband about your troubles. They wouldn t give her a breathing inhaler. He made it think that she lied because she was in the mental Dorm H. My wife does not lie to me. He lied, and that made me mad.

He told me since my wife is in the mental ward, she was the one lying. This prison was investigated about 5 or 6 years ago. She had her teeth pulled about two weeks ago, as she had been writing a request to she the dentist. Her gums where sore and had a dye socket, and now they are turning RED. She still haven t seen the doctor, like there was no rush in it. When I was in the military, if somebody did something wrong, they where still humans. I love my wife very much and she got the raw deal.

She calls me every night, so at least I can talk to her. But I don t trust them, the staff. When I write to her, they open the mail, and they stole 2 books of stamps from my wife, but again it s her word against my wife s. I know I sent them. I always put stickers on the envelopes, like I love you or I miss you, etc. They told her that she couldn t have them because I put stickers on the envelope. I tried to look for the rules, but I couldn t find it anywhere about the stickers.

I also sent photos, but they won t except them, she had to send them home. If the prison opens up the letter, they should pay for it to go back to the place it came from. They have to pay to see a doctor ($3.00) I think the state should have to pay for it. He told my wife if she keeps telling me stuff that happens inside the prison she will pay for it. Like again, it s her word against hers. Thank you, US Army Retired, Rob RRob101206 @ Please if you take it, I don t want my wife hurt by the prison."
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"I was an inmate on and off at the woman s prison and you wouldn t believe the things I ve heard and seen with my own eyes. The guards are rude and mean to certain inmates. I don t understand one thing: certain inmates could get away with anything, they never got in trouble, and i wonder what was going on. Well i finally figured out some of the men guards were bringing stuff in for those inmates and i had seen notes where the guards had written to one of them they were flirting and touching them well i know from my self being there the men there are very hateful and hurtful and very abusive, not unless you flirt and act all disrespectful around them.

It made me sick. When will things change for the women there? The prison inside is trouble. It leaks and it s cold and it s too hot in the summer. I know we are being punished but that s why women stayed sick there. It s unhealthy and they need to do something. "
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Monday, June 21, 2010

"I gave birth to my son while in Tutwiler. The medical care was horrible. I know that I did the crime but, to rip a newborn child from your arms is inhumane. I was a non-violent, no-drugs, first time offender. I would not wish that on anyone. The absolute worst day in my life. On my son s birth certificate, it has his birth address as Tutwiler. That is going to be humiliating for him. Punish me, not my son."
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"I stayed in Tutwiler prison for 8 months on my first offense. It was a definite life changer. And not all for the better. It has made me a very hard person who dosen t trust anyone.

The medical care was awful and as far as the way you are treated and the guards cussing you, none of it was pleasant. But you learn to adapt. It is just a way of life you learn to live. On behalf of so many women I can say that I became close friends with many of the inmates. We are good decent people and shouldn t of been treated the way they were. We arent all animals."
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Sunday, November 22, 2009
Inhumane concern

"I have a wife that has been in Tutwiler for about a month now. She has had a yeast infection that has been reported to the medical staff for over a week. She is yet to have any treatment and she is in terrible pain and discomfort. Also, as she began to ask or remind the nurses or guards about an opportunity to see the doctor, she gets cussed in language that we have never heard before. The use of yelling or screaming obscene language to individuals in prison is not necessary. I know that there is a reason the guards try to be tough, but this should not be tolerated to mistreat someone mentally or physically. My wife is not a violent offender or even close. "
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
miracle believer

"i have a step-daughter in prison and i ask all of you for your prayers, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer last week .we dont know yet how bad or if she will get treatment while there or not, but i ask for all you christian people (and those who arnt), to pray for our family and especially for her. god bless each and everyone of you, also. my daughter is only 24 years old with a one year old baby at home as well. we need a miracle on this one and i know it can happen. i still believe in them 100%. thanks ,from a miracle thru prayer , believer!!!!"
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