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California State Prison, Tehachapi | California

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It takes over 3 weeks for the inmates to get mail, and about the same time for family member to receive mail from inmates, what the heck is going on there? What can we do about it and who can we write concerning this matter, that prison is horrible, and the CO's are rude and lazy.
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014
For Prison reform

Has any one you know petitioned for early release?

SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) — A ballot measure passed by voters last week has already freed hundreds of inmates from California county jails after their felony charges were reduced to misdemeanors.

Sheriffs across the state immediately began implementing the Proposition 47, which calls for treating shoplifting, forgery, fraud, petty theft and possession of small amounts of drugs, including cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines, as misdemeanors instead of felonies.

Two-dozen suspects who were being held on those charges walked out of Sacramento County jail two days after 58 percent of voters approved the initiative on Tuesday. They were among the more than 400 Sacramento jail inmates expected to be freed while they await trial on reduced charges that in many cases will no longer keep people behind bars after arrests.

Bay Area Judges barely even waited for election results to be certified before resentencing inmates and reducing charges, according to the Bay Area News Group.

On Friday, two Contra Costa judges signed orders for the release of seven inmates serving sentences across the state for crimes committed in the East Bay county. Contra Costa Public Defender Robin Lipetzky told the Bay Area News Group that about 35 inmates had been released as of Friday from the county jail after some of them had already served enough time to be set free with reduced charges, while others were released on lower or no bail.

The state corrections department also began notifying nearly 4,800 inmates in California prisons that they can petition judges to have their felony convictions and sentences reduced. Convicts serving time for the felonies in local jails can also petition for release.

Prison reform advocates celebrated the passing of the ballot measure saying it will drastically reduce overcrowded prisons while cutting the rate of mass incarceration.

The measure intends to save hundreds of millions of dollars a year in reduced prison and jail costs. Under the initiative, savings will be diverted to rehabilitation programs intended to reduce crime, though the programs will lag far behind the criminals’ release.

The initiative is projected to keep about 4,000 inmates out of state prisons each year, more than enough to help the state meet a population cap ordered by federal judges.

RICKY wrote on Monday, November 17, 2014

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Thursday, November 06, 2014
For Prison reform

November 2014


California approved a major shift against mass incarceration on Tuesday in a vote that could lead to the release of thousands of state prisoners.

Nonviolent felonies like shoplifting and drug possession will be downgraded to misdemeanors under the ballot measure, Proposition 47. As many as 10,000 people could be eligible for early release from state prisons, and it's expected that courts will annually dispense around 40,000 fewer felony convictions.

The state Legislative Analyst's Office estimates that the new measure will save hundreds of millions of dollars on prisons. That money is to be redirected to education, mental health and addiction services -- a novel approach that reformers hope will serve as a model in the larger push against mass incarceration.

The approval of the ballot measure could also help California grapple with massive overcrowding in its state prisons, which are still struggling to release enough inmates to comply with a 2011 U.S. Supreme Court order.

Although California once led the nation in tough-on-crime policies, like the state's infamous three-strikes felony law, Proposition 47 has led in every poll conducted since it was certified in June. The measure's supporters have been an eclectic bunch, from conservatives like Newt Gingrich and business tycoon B. Wayne Hughes Jr. to liberal performers like John Legend and Jay-Z.

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Friday, October 31, 2014
Ms. Sherman

I know several inmates there at tehachapi, its the worse, and these guys are there for drug charges, nothing but hurting themselves, and the CO's there are horrible, they commit crimes themselves everyday, they are cowards and get paid to mistreat human beings, its a disgrace. Calls to the Ombudsman does not help, she could care less, we need to continue writing letters and making complaints. Exposing these people, getting paid to mistreat human being. Hiding behind there badge which they don't deserve.
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Monday, October 13, 2014
For Prison reform

The practice of the prisons policing themselves needs to be revoked/reformed.

Don't get mad...get involved!


Incidences of abuse and violence involving prison inmates and security personnel is an ongoing issue regardless of the facility's level of security and supervision. Overcrowding is chief among the factors that contribute to the violence that has become closely associated the prison system in the United States. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, nearly all prisons in the U.S. operate at either 100 percent capacity or are significantly over-crowded due to a 600 percent rise in the population of prison inmates since 1980.

With the 600 percent rise in our prison systems, there are now more of a percentage of us who have loved ones incarcerated which also means we are large in numbers than before! Speak out! Write your congress members and Senators about the need to reform!
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Monday, October 13, 2014
For Prison reform


Proposition 47 would allow more than 7,000 inmates already serving time, including those convicted under the "three strikes" law, to petition courts to reduce their sentences. The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst's Office estimates that annual savings to the state prison budget as a result of reduced sentences would eventually be $100 million to $300 million.
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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

My friend has been down for a few years, recently him, and about 5 others in his unit, have been gravely sick, in and out of the hospital, they give them little to no information about their sickness, but something about their liver, after talking and writing letters to him, and we are thinking that the water there is bad or contaminated, we believe there is no way so many inmates should be having the same illnesses.
Shirley wrote on Thursday, October 09, 2014

    Thanks Angela please keep updates coming as to the inmates condition.
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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Went to visit a friend, the guards are rude and arrogant, they don't have respect to the family of the inmates, they talk to us as if we were locked up, the food in the machines are very expensive, and not really that good. Not a very good experience.
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Saturday, October 04, 2014

This place is big run around I've been calling all day trying to contact them in regards to a death of a family member and they can't answer the phone . No respect or care .of a tax payer money well spent.ive called 23 different num#
Tina wrote on Wednesday, October 08, 2014

    Call the Ombudsman, and leave them a message they will call you back. 916-445-1773
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

If you do not like the treatment at Tehachapi CCI then you should of not done anything to get you there. You are there because you did something illegal, do not make excuses and complain because you are there. I complain because I have to pay for you being there.
sbinmatelocator wrote on Sunday, September 21, 2014

    If someone is housed in a prison, you can search for an inmate by San Bernardino inmate locator
Shirley wrote on Thursday, October 09, 2014

    Dear Mad, Have you never committed a crime in your life that you got away with? Drinking and driving maybe? Taking any medication that wasn't prescribed to you? Than by the grace of god it could be you in there. Think about it!
wrote on Tuesday, October 21, 2014

    Hmm well considering ONE mistake of driving under the influence hell even three mistakes still wouldn't land you in a state penitentiary. You land at a prison cause of repetitive bad behavior without any attemp at rehabilitating yourself. The law is actually pretty lenient in the amount of chances and wiggle room before just sending you upstate. And if the guards aren't very nice that's not really surprising. They are there to do their job look after the safety of you the inmates and themselves. They are there trying to earn 5 stars on their yelp review....
Annoyed wrote on Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Annoyed more... wrote on Wednesday, October 22, 2014

    I take it that you are probably an employee at CCI. At one level, I commend those who work in a undesirable environment but then again, you chose this profession. Good pay, benefits and a good pension and a union that protects you...Many of those you watch over aren't hardened violent criminals but many who have had underlying mental disabilities that have gone untreated due to lack of insurance or knowledge that they have a problem. The issue I see it that prison doesn't segregate those who have made a true mistake and just trying to get through the process of prison against those inmates who made choices in life to be a criminal. All inmate s are not a threat to CO's but the mentality of the CO's are to treat each inmate the same. The CO's get away with a lot of injustices against inmates and because of the 'self policing politics', the mindset is that it's OK to do so. It 's a known fact that CO's can do pretty much anything to an inmate without any charges being founded and therefore, no accountability. Recent reports show that 11% of the California prison staff are found to be in violation of policy and procedures (bringing cell phones to inmates at a tax free fee of $1,500.00 a phone...etc...) So if you come on this site to read what is being said about CCI, you aren't seeing most of what is known...many CO's should be given their own psychological exam so see if they are fit to serve in an environment of mentally disabled inmates. So I hope you pass through the prison to your retirement but don't for one minute think that the mentally of the prison staff too is a part of the problem...a 25 yr old guard hasn't lived a life long enough to access how to deal with all situations in life let alone an environment of the criminal element. Medically, the frontal lobe where reasoning and rational thinking isn't fully developed until age 30. Does staff treat former law enforcement officers that are serving time for domestic violence and DUI with professional courtesy or like all the other inmates serving for the same crimes? Anyone with half a brain knows the former officers are protected from the main line offenders...right? What does prison offer for rehabilitation? Non existent true programs of help for the offenders. They have become the states cash cow..115's are like an CO's investment for a secure job future. Truth is that incarceration is that answer to our states needing more are plentiful in the prison and without the inmates, what would be your second choice to make a living?
Shirley wrote on Wednesday, November 26, 2014

    Mad Let me be more specific. If you were drinking and driving and hurt or killed someone, got a pain pill from a friend and got caught with it you could be doing time. Why are you so butt hurt?
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