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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

My experiences at EMDC were back in late 80s early 90s , at 18 yrs old seemed back then things were a lot different , Guards seemed less distracted and actually were available , food was shit then too, it was cold then and at times it was crowded weekends ect and non violent and first timers were stuck in with just about anyone. But with closures of Burtch and other regional jails that was to be expected in the future to cause the bigger jails to over flow. At the end of it all it was this and another jail that got me to change who I was. Yes it was not the hilton or some country club and food was lousy .....but I was a convict it was not some grounding to my room with gadgets and phones and internet.....it was punishment , a time to rethink who you are...... its jail.
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Saturday, January 17, 2015
Disappointed in the legal system

I was there on more then one occasion waiting to be released, on one occasion I became sick and they had no idea what to give me or fuck all…Vomiting, Hight fevers(I have seidurze caused by fevers), I have asthma for which When i start to get sick I am to take, had to bang for what seemed like forever only to have a guard tell me to shut the fuck up or she would make me. I was in an ashma attach at the time…That place I think most of the guards are there just to be able to beat on someone and say it was legal…I was threaten by one guard when I was heading to court that if I came back she would not give me anything to eat(its crap anyhow) and she would make my life hell, just because she could…

They don't give you enough to keep you warm and the heat is badly on I think…thats why I got sick and if you were lucky you we're allowed out for a while. when someone comes to visit you the phones don't work right so you can only see them and hope they can read your face and lips..Very upsetting to my children who are disabled and need me…The legal system failed me and my family…

If there was something one of the male guards wanted from a tray they would order and extra tray just so he would have it…Male guards walking threw the female prisoners side and looking threw the windows(including set)..right up to where you were being processed….

They guards barley checked on the inmates even at night. I stayed awake a lot while there, because of the threats you heard the guards making to other inmates and to myself…They do not like giving you the nessesities you require while in there….This place is hell, and I believe that they turn a cheek and look the other way when some things are going down they have each others backs, forget the well being of the inmates..

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

when I was there They refused one of my meds. for which I require and the sudden stoping of the med can harm me(kill In some cases)..The place was freezing, there was black mold on the one wall…there were 6 inmates in a cell for 4..being refused medical treatment for wounds I had coming in…the food was always gross and cold…I was only in there while they were working out my release...
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Sunday, December 14, 2014
Victum of the legal system

I have been to this hell hole on a few occasions while waiting for the courts to release me between one night to 2 months, I have had my prescribed medication refused by the medical staff and guards…I have seen guards mistreating the mentally ill…I have seen the over crowding(7 females in a cell meant for 4) the food is always discussing and intact on one occasion I became violently ill due to the food they serve…There is no head in the cells either which means you are very cold all the time….You don't have to be guilty to be placed in this hell hole you just have to be charged by the police...
wrote on Monday, January 12, 2015

    from what I have been reading...it is the worst jail in Ontario....I live in London so I know what goes on...lots of horror stories there...the guards cant see the inmates or ranges.....so pretty scary having to fend for yourself amongst some other punks...or mentally ill inmates...I truly hope London and the province will demolish this hellhole and build a new and more accommodating jail...so to all those in their stay strong...keep your head up...and just do your time....and please remember to just be a model citizen as much as possible in life...these places are not worth it.....some really good people in there....and then some real low life scum also....to the good innocent people may god always be by your side...

thanks everybody and have a great day...happy new year 2015...
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Thursday, October 09, 2014

I was in PC and I'm looking for a guy named paul he was in PC back in DECEMBER 2012 if anyone now him let me know?
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Saturday, June 21, 2014
Michelle Fitch

I think it truly stinks that you cannot find prisoner information about the prisoners practically anywhere in Canada. In the states it is considered Public Record. I am on a search for my ex boyfriend who is in need of a drug and alcohol intervention and I have no idea where he is as far a jail goes here from the states. I only know of Elgin-Middlesex DC and St. Thomas which is where he may possibly be but, I get NO No no Answer, and I would like to participate in his help!! I still love him as a friend and I would not want to let him down, although I know he has to make the decision himself!!
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

I was there on a few occasions between court dates. I was threaten by a guard that I would not receive food and would be beaten if I returned. The place was dirty and very cold. On one of the occasions I was placed with 6 women in a cell that should only have 4 women inmates. The food was always cold and discusting something I wouldn't feed my worse enemy no matter what. The guards are to busy flirting with each other and not paying any attention to the prisoners needs this includes giving asthma medication to people when in stress with an asthma attach. In fact I was told to SHUT THE FUCK UP when I was in an attach then finally given my puffer when I was on the floor and could not move as I could hardly breath.
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