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Tuesday, October 08, 2013
o no now

I am sioux and we hate miqmac tribe. whitey is bad to my sister and i scalp whitey have aids o no now me have aids o no now my doggy have aids o no now the doggy give aids to thai hooker o no now the prime ministers son has aids o no now calista flockhart have aids o no now the usa had aids o yes!
doopdog wrote on Thursday, October 17, 2013

    That's funny
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Thursday, June 27, 2013
thundercloud rodriquez

I was in corrections at the age of 11 to 15, then in prison from 17 to 19. Yeah, I'm done with all that shit. I swear to the almighty creator they will have to kill me instead of trynna take me back. While floatin around the juvie system in ND n MN I seen blatant racism, sexual relationships, rapes n extortion done by Correction Officers and inmates. Then in prison shit was more organized but twice as violent. i got down with a native set, drew blood in 3 consecutive fights one-on-one but it was a heavy burden on my soul so I dropped out. Now I constantly look over my shoulder waitin for retaliation.

the prison system is fucked up cuz the CO's would rather chill n target people who piss them off then the true monsters. I grew up in corrections and my soul is tired and almost burnt up but I am a LAKOTA SIOUX, a direct descendant of Sitting Bull so I find strength in my religion n when or if they come for me I'll be ready. the CO's fertilize the grounds, STG's grow from whether it's the white racist CO's or the females puttin out to make money sellin ass or bringin in weed, coke, heroine or meth.
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ wrote on Saturday, November 23, 2013

    Sure bud. Stop being a loser and do something with your life instead of going to jail and taking handouts. Typical played out whine.
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Welcome to the world of CSC Dad! Sorry to hear about your son and hope he is doing better or has been moved from the Max. Many here and on other sites can share stories of their loved ones being transferred all around and across the country by spurious reports and re-classifications based on allegations, information and lies gained from other inmates who knows exactly how the system works and what the authorities want to hear. There is no regard for families and the support they provide these inmates - and how moving them affects not only them but the families as well! And be sure that it will only be getting worse with the closure of the 3 prisons in Ontario and those guys being moved all over the country."
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Saturday, September 01, 2012

My son is in Edmonton Max.

He was railroaded and transferred from Sask Pen with no due process. Accused of being complicit in a stabbing and the institution presented no evidence of same. He was moved immediately and without notice.

He carries a point score of being at the lowest end of a medium security risk - but yet this has been overridden and he has been placed in the Edmonton Max.

Without looking at the world through rose colored glasses - he had a good chance at rehabilitation - completed GED - drug programs and was working - did his time and kept his nose clean.

I ask you - now what?
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Re: ex-IP s comment about being beaten up for eating breakfast

August 10th is a day set aside to remember all the men and women who have died unnatural deaths inside Canadian prisons.

It is called Prisoners Justice Day. Prisoners in Canada do not eat on that day, with the exception of those who have to eat for medical reasons.

I spend two years of a three year sentence in Kent Institution. I did not see a single prisoner eating or drinking a thing during the whole 24 hrs of August 10th.

Didn t anyone tell you before hand about prisoners justice day?"
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Sunday, September 25, 2011
Guard who did nothen

"Yeah I worked as a guard for three years in a Alberta womens correctional institution. Let me tell you, I don t understand how you can allow male guards to watch female inmates without inapropriate conduct happening. I had a few colleagues who would single out and hire gangs to attack attractive woman and threaten with violence. The guards would walk in and save the day and in return the victim would get threatened again by us.

Guard sex with female convicts happens. Those poor ladies would do anything for protection. The most dregrading thing about the situation was the acts they had to perform. I witnessed dozens of fistings and trains that would last all night. The smell made me vomit and the screams and cries for help drowned out by laughter and whistles.

Most of the time the victim would tell their families, but little proof or investigations would be held. I kept my mouth shut for three years until I resigned in 2008. A year later I went forward to the authorities but no witnesses or victims came forward. I hate the prison system there. It is no justice. For those young ladies, I wish I could have tried harder to be a human being, and not an animal like the rest of those rapists."
no sympathy wrote on Friday, November 22, 2013

    sounds like a complete bs story to me.if any of these allegations were made by a guard or inmate it would of hit national news and police would have upset about getting fired are ya?
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Monday, July 25, 2011

"I spent 7 months at FCC Coleman Correctional Facility Camp for Women in Coleman, Florida. During my 7 months there I was sent over to the Maximum Security for Men to work in the Laundry facility while the men were on locked down.

While over there a pipe with some nasty smell was coming through it and I got sick and had to go the hospital (took them 2 weeks to be allowed to go to hospital). Well I have been out of Coleman for 3 years and have cranial and peripheral polyneuropathy permanent damage. My right side of face does not work anymore, my right arm and leg is serverly weak, my right eye vision is 20/320 now. I have severe relapses where I am hospitalized because I can not use my right side. Coleman has denied any wrong doing and even went as far as to say women were never sent over to Maximum Security for Men. So happen I had evidence that we did.

Still waiting to hear something. Have been denied medical records. You are right about one thing, there are very corrupt people working at these prisons starting with some of the wardens. Was informed that Coleman violated my rights by going over there."
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Sunday, May 15, 2011
Disappointed & Disgusted

Native Gal you story is so touching and I can completely understand what you went through. People on the outside who like to think that the law is being upheld and they are safe because the criminals are behind bars are in for a surprise. Some of the worse criminals are wearing uniforms or running our prisons. They are doing nothing more than making the inmates more hardened criminals than they were before they went in. You talk about respect and shaking hands...basic social skills. But more than half of the guards and the people running the prisons don t have those skills themselves so seeing you doing that is seen as something other than it really it really is. The prison system is full of ignorant people lacking in skills and wearing uniforms. They are the ones helping to keep the public unsafe. I am so sorry to hear your story and experience. It is a sad thing that is going on in our correctional system -- we are fast becoming like the people we love to laugh at the United States.
no sympathy wrote on Friday, November 22, 2013

    really so the people working at the jail are the ones raping and killing people? you are an enabler..all you and your bleeding heart clueless buddys do is make criminals think its soneone else's fault that they victimize people. you don't help at all and really only make things worse with your un educated opinon
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"I can relate to everything on this board. I used to be a correctional officer. I tried very hard to be the human factor . I joked, played cards, talked with and played basketball with the inmates. Even after being advised not to, I shook the hands of the men in jail. I am Native,and believe in respect for all human kind. I was trained for the goon squad, but preferred to be use my words instead of my weapons. First, my husband went to jail, in the jail I was working in. He is still there. At first it was quiet. Only the higher ups knew and took precautions. I saw him once behind the wall and he was being escorted to medical by a male staff. He is a member of the native syndicate. Second, I witnessed a young man being beat by guards, then left naked and spread eagle shackled to the metal legs of a cell cot. I know him from the street. His wife is a social worker and an acquaintance of mine. I said out loud for everyone to hear I saw what happened here and I will be your witness if you choose to prosecute. I became the outcast of the jail. The guards would have nothing to do with me. Then it leaked that my husband was there. They called me every name in the book and began the rumour that I am a gang member. There are some great staff behind the wall, but in honesty, those staff are few and far between. It is still an old boys club. Once those old boys retire, the atmosphere, the attitudes, and the care and custody of inmates will change as well. I left my job. Jail is a horrible place. And one last thing... if the guards spent half the amount of time on the units as they do bullshitting behind a desk, the number of inside offences would decrease by at least 75%."
no sympathy wrote on Friday, November 22, 2013

    funny how you got a job in a jail with a gangster husband..maybe some serious background checks are needed their. also inmates are adults why would guards put themselves in harms way by watching cons 24/7 just so a piece of garbage native syndacite goof doesn't get what he deserves?
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Saturday, August 22, 2009
Abush S

"I am grateful for this opportunity to expose some of the terrible conditions which exist in the Gwinnett County Detention Center. All of what I am about to say has been documented and included in a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Gwinnett County which is in Lawrenceville Ga.

I am a firm believer in accountability. However, I believe that when a person is incarcerated for the crimes he or she has committed they are, in effect, facing the consequences for their crimes. Unfortunately this is not the case in Gwinnett County Jail.

I was recently released from Gwinnett County. I couldnt believe the crimes people were being held on. One inmate (Adius S) has been incarcerated for 4 years for unknowingly receiving stolen cell phones at his cell phone store. A private investigator informed us that the reason he is being held in custody is because of a 5 million dollar lawsuit he currently has against the Jail for violating his and other Muslims Consitutional right to freely practice his religion. As I read through the exibits (which were attested to by prison offecials) I was reminded of what life had to have been like in Gwantonmo Bay. Muslims are not allowed to pray, not allowed to attend Friday prayer services, thrown into the hole for simply being Muslim and in at least on instance rat dropping were intionaly placed Mr. S food. The superintendant of the jail had no disputes whatsoever to the accussations and Mr. S is expected to win this lawsuit as well as the wrongful termination which will follow his release.

I am imploring the community not to take my word for it. Look into the case and you will see that What im saying is true.

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