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Bath Institution | Ontario

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

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Monday, April 15, 2013

"April 21, 2006 79 year-old Peter Demeter, who raped his wife before bluedgeoning her to death in 1973, is alleging that Peel Regional Police "tormented" him into giving a blood DNA-sample when it was unneccessary. After the arrest, he argues, Peel police already collected his DNA from the semen inside his wife, Christine Demeter, a once internationally known supermodel. There is no material benefit if his case is successful, but Demeter claims he is doing it "for the principle of it," confirming his claim that he did not, and simply could not, kill his own wife. (Kingston Whig-Standard, 21 April 2006) November 18 2005 Bath Institution opened its own tattoo parlour, the first and only of its kind in the prison system worldwide, in an effort to provide a substitute to the existing methods inmates use, including sewing needles, guitar strings, and homemade ink made from burnt polystyrene, a common synthetic used to build cafeteria-style bowls, trays, plates and cups. According to the New York Times, 45% of inmates in Canadian prisons get a tattoo sometime during their periods of incarceration. The parlour looks like a cinder-block dentist s room, The parlours costs about $100,000 for the government to build, but inmates pay about $5 per two-hour session in the parlour. The guards union argues that the project will not last, pointing to evidence that inmates have already stolen some of the needles and inks and used them for illicit tattooing, such as reproducing gang-insignias (The New York Times 24 Nov 2005 ). 20 February 2001 Two female mothers of murder victims made headlines by publicly critcizing the Bath Institution for its "Country-Club" conditions. Elaine Jensen, whose husband hacked her 3 daughters to pieces in Calfary in 1998, and Eve Peck, whose sister was strangled to death in Toronto in 2000 by Anton Lorenz, toured Bath Institution while their targets of hatred lay segregated in an isolated part of the prison. Bath institution s medium-security "open-correctional" environment was considered the object of the women s criticisms, where offenders are transferred to prior to their release (National Post 20 February 2001). "
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Thursday, May 31, 2012

"I was an inmate there for 4 years from 2006-2010|, gotta say it was some pretty good time we did. What sucked is when they cut off smokes in summer of 2008, what guys did was they bought a whole bunch before they cut them off n buried them in the ground. Most coppers where ok but there where some assholes, like the famous 3 stripe from unit 2, not mentioning any names. What i didnt like was that alot of inmates wouldnt hesitate for a second to complain to the guards about different inmates, n the place was packed with sex offenders, smh, otherwise it was pretty good, way more freedom than the Bay or Joyceville. I jus did my own time, worked out n chilled with a select few guys that had the same charges like me which was robbery. Now my time is done n im free, hopefully not to go back again."
Iamme wrote on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

    Like Robbery is anymore "solid" then sex crimes, its because of guys like you sex offenders dont feel comfortable getting the most help they can, which bath use to offer... but i know of so many guys who refused programming due to people like you, and the worse part is, most of the "solid" guys at bath, if dug into deep, arent so solid at all ;)
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Bath is no longer the country club of institutions. It has had an electronic fence around it for more than 15 years. The security measures there are worse than they were when I was visiting Kingston Penitentiary which is a max. The ION scanner continuously gives false postive s, as well as the dogs. I have NEVER been near drugs and yet have had numerous hits.

I have lost visits many many times because of this. The innocent suffer. Most of the staff at Bath are reasonable human beings but there are a handful who make it their mission to make life miserable for the inmates. People like that should not be allowed to be prison guards or to work with the public.

Currently a large unit is being built on the property to house another 90 inmates double-bunked in tiny rooms. This is being built on what was the baseball diamond and rec yard. You can bet they will take their time building a new rec yard if they get one at all.


Been visiting for more than 25 years!"
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Friday, November 27, 2009

" I did some work here when I was younger. T he place was beautiful, more like a gated community that a prison."
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Thursday, January 15, 2009
The Game


BATH, (Ontario), January 12, 2009 - During the morning of January 12, 2009, staff at Bath Institution seized narcotics, prescription medication, tobacco and a cellular telephone during a search of a cell within the institution. The value of the items seized has an institutional value of approximately $ 15,000.00. The Joint Forces Penitentiary Squad is conducting an investigation into this incident. The Correctional Service of Canada will be conducting an internal investigation into this matter. Institutional operations at Bath Institution have not been affected.

CSC actively utilizes a number of tools in our efforts to control the flow of contraband. It is the consistent effort of our staff members that help to keep institutions safe and secure. "
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Saturday, February 09, 2008

I was in Bath back in 1986. It was a pretty easy go as far as prison goes. Bath is the camp outside of Millhaven Institution. I was just winding up 5 years for armed robbery. You had to work your way down through the system to get to camp by behaving yourself and not posing a threat to anyone else.

I haven't been to jail since 1994. I sometimes am awed that I got out of the system alive. I gave my life to Christ in 2003 and have met prison guards who are now my brothers in Christ. My prayers go out to all my friends...and enemies. May God Bless you guys! Get off the treadmill, folks. Jesus paid the price for the whole world through the Cross. He can set you free...eternally.
generalsprincess wrote on Tuesday, June 17, 2014

    Amen Brother
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