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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Had a lotta good times with good people in there but most of the guards were on a little powertrip. I spent years there since 2003-2010, and I seen a lot of changes but most for the better. Warden major did a lot for the place but there still needs to be something done about the commissary prices. But as far as jails goe, I've been in worse.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012
William Norrick

"Not actually experiencing the Venango County prison. Personally, I have been in contact with many individuals that have. It seemed to me that the Venango County judicial system courthouse jail and probation and parole office are more monetarily motivated and treats the prison as a hotel looking to fill it s rooms to acquire funds from federal and state agencies. Not to mention the cost to the prisoners or incarcerated individuals for housing fees. Knights of the word has received for the last two months. Reports of the probation and parole office, including including all counties supervision, and were community service agencies. Are Gathering individuals under questionable violations to fill these rooms. Some individuals being held for extended periods of time. For the only reason that I can think of is to increase the monies collected from the state and federal agencies.

These monetarily motivated reasons are harming the families of the incarcerated individuals and ultimately harming the community. Most of these individuals are not evil. They take care of their families. The best they can. These prisoners should be brought before a judge within at least seven days from the time of their arrest. To be considered to be released to take care of the families. Many will lose lose their jobs or in some cases work release will be available at a very high cost to the work release individual. I believe it is such a shame that a government agency, would act this way. To the citizens of its own community. Release those nonviolent criminals immediately and said a revocation hearing A.S.A.P."
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Friday, April 11, 2008

"Im a 41 year old that did time in Venango County Prison and Muncy State Correctional Institute. I am just writing because alot of people in the Venango Area thought I would never make it out of Oil City PA. It took the Judge to send me away to do it and I would like to thank Judge White for basically saving my life. I also would like to thank Mrs. O in the county jail, she is rough at times but really cares about people that she can get through to and I was one of those people. She would sit and talk to me like I was a Human Being not just some criminal like some C.O s do. If we had more guards that took time out to relize we too have feelings then someone might stop and think about the feedback they are getting. It only takes one person to turn things around and make it better. So thank you to the people that really do care."
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4 posts on this prison. Showing page 1 of 1.

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