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Friday, June 21, 2013
concerned parent

I have a loved one at South Woods and it is already sad to have to come up there and visit them even though it was something they did to get there. The guards are so rude and treat you like you are nothing; everyone deserves to be treated with respect no matter where they are. They treat the inmates and the visitors like they are nothing. They should be very careful in doing so because I know it is their job but remember they have a family, also. Do your job without being nasty to people because you never know when you might have to visit someone in your own family. The guards are so nasty and I really don't think they were trained to be nasty, they just take it and do it because of the authority they were given. It does not take much to be nice, or nasty, but it does make you a better person when you can be nice to people. Someone really needs to go under cover and check this out and see what the people are posting about and talking about. It makes it so you don't even want to visit, but you have to because that is your loved one there. Be careful because what goes around comes around.
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Wednesday, September 09, 2009
atty lay

" I have to agree with the story above. I have a love one at South Woods. The CO s make it very hard to be able to see your love one.

I understand there are certain precautions that the CO s need to take to make sure cells phones, drugs and etc don t come in.

However, They truly take it out of contexts. I do believe they have let the power of authority go to their heads. I have many times seen visitors be treated as if they were serving the time. I have seen a elderly lady be screamed at only because her shirt wasnt past her thighs. (she was probably 75 yrs old).

I saw a women who was 8 months pregnant be screamed at because her shirt was tight.(she was 8 mos preg).I saw a little girl who looked to be about 6. She was so excited to see her father, but wasnt able to because she was turned away because her shorts only came to her knees. That truly broke my heart.

It is hard enough on the family members to visit and deal with the financial & emotional stress of a love one being locked up, they shouldnt have to deal with a CO screaming in their face. I, myself was confused with the policies as far as the dress codes and the procedures for signing in to see the inmate.

From my personal experience it was not helpful to have the CO yell about it. South Woods should look into posting a updated policy and procedure form. One that states t-shirts most be worn to the knees!!! The sad part is most of these families are already hurting. The inmate is already paying the price. The CO s shouldnt make the family feel as if they are.

The judge gave the sentence to one person (the inmate) not his family. All you can do is pray for those CO s whom feel they are on some sort of a higher level and who sees the family members as just another number.Because in the end there is only one judge and that is GOD. You should treat everyone the way that you would want to be treated. I m sure they wouldnt want to be treated the way they treat many visitors. "
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

"My daughter s father is incarcerated at Southwoods and I have to say that the CO s there are the rudest and most disrespectful of any that I have had to encounter during different jail visits.

They treat you with absolutely no respect and act as if you are the prisoner. If you go for a visit you will see that the website s visiting procedures are severely outdated. If says that any skirts or dresses have to hit atleast your midthigh, but I got turned away wearing capri pants that hit below my knee. Also at anytime the one woman CO will tell you that your not getting into the visit and that you need to leave( and their not that nice about).

They have the power to turn you away from seeing your loved ones and they let it get to their heads. I was there one morning and I saw the Co come out from the back and just start yelling at people that they were not getting in( your t-shirts too big, you t-shirts too small), it was ridiculous.

I have even tried to write the state of New jersey about the way these CO s are treating us visitors that have done nothing wrong. "
Ellis Jones wrote on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

    Yes Keith Wilson and his wife and mother in-law they would drug inmate and Keith always like third shift so he could beat the handicap inmate and have sex with them. I have seen it for myself
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4 posts on this prison. Showing page 1 of 1.

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