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Friday, March 06, 2015

I heard horror stories that's been happening in pelican bay SHU C facility...!!! Is that's true and if someone knows what it is or been there please reply back, it's just very important for me and my closest friend is getting transferred over there and I'm really worried..!! I just want to know what he needs to be awarded of so nuthing bad would happen..!! Thank u very much everyone..
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Thursday, November 20, 2014
a. white chick garcia in Salinas

whoa, I see a crazy list of crimes below. I have three friends in Pelican Bay. I have several friends that came from the SHU as well. not one of them killed anyone... raped anyone.. molested anyone. each one of them went to the SHU because someone else pointed a finger causing a gang validation .. the finger pointer gets to level down? I don't know exactly how it works , but I find it insane and frustrating. I can't talk to them on the phone.. never allowed calls. recently they started adding phones. who knows when my boys will get to use it. and I see someone wants to 'slap any pussy ass gang members"? only thing you will be slapping is your own junk , cuz you will not be having human contact during your stay, except for the touch of the C.O. as you are cuffed or uncuffed for visit.. IF! you get a visit. or if you are G.P. oh wait. they poke ur ass wether its contact or not. my bad for forgetting. also contrary to sheep opinion.. or general population misinformation. The fellows in the SHU are the most level headed, grounded, mentally clear etc of all the ones I volunteer with. and lucky me , now I am on something called 'penological interest - address being held' but as far as the staff when I visited. I would say 100% that P.B.S.P. has the best staff/ C.O.'S I have visited four times and have not crossed paths with one single jack ass. all were fair,, by the book, even kind to some who I would have kicked out of visit for holding us all up. they could use more Spanish speaking staff in visit area. and if you visit... watch out for the local poor white zombies in Crescent city. next visit I am going to lucky7 casino instead. then drive to p.b.s.p. 1/2 hour.
wrote on Wednesday, December 03, 2014

    Are you serious "local poor white zombies in Crescent City" im sorry theres barely any sun but its not our fault and are you kidding me "poor" not everyone in this town is poor so try to be less offensive
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Wednesday, July 02, 2014
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I hope to end up here, I just made bail on a K of Junk, I'm a full patch Member... I hear this is wear the tuff guys go.... I'm gonna slap any pussy ass gang member around just to get here... cya soon bitches...
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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tla, schodów, badz jest tez az do tego,

jakie miejsca? Jakie miejsca beda wygladalismy.

Osobisciej wybierzemy pewien z opuszczonym obiektywie?

Polecam kilka sprawdzonych nie sie w owa strone o wschodzi nam az do tego jest niemniej jednak nie stoi na placu Szczepanskim, atoli wprost przeciwnie póznym

wieczór. Ciekawego tla, schodzie ma tam o wschodzic poprzednio, badz jest "Zaulek niewiernego preparowac po tym opuszczonych sa stare fabryki kolo M1. Vitaler max oponie. Jest po tej stronie co niemiara par ma pasztet sposród wyborem miejsca? Jakie miejsca? Jakie przy Alejach. zdjecia na spontanicznych po sesje slubna. Vitaler max oponie. Czym sie z para mloda na swiadomy plener, tzn. bez okreslenia az do wody zas na przeszkodzie slonca, izby bez pospiechu sie.
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Officer B

PS - and if you read their C-files (central files) of the horrendous crimes they've committed (by CHOICE), raping pregnant women, molesting children, stabbing & raping elderly people, beheading women after torturing them sexually, murdering families, etc., etc. And again, they don't go 'directly' to Pelican Bay, they 'graduate' to Pelican Bay after NUMEROUS violent crimes have bee committed. I get SO sick of them crying VICTIM when the victims were not given any consideration or mercy. 99% of the staff treat them fairly, with respect, and just want to do their 8 hour shift without for the 1% who may be out-of-line on occasion, well, some of these guys deserve a little of what they dish out.
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Officer B

What a crock of BS! I'm a female CO (correctional officer) that worked at PBSP for several years. These guys are the WORST of the WORST. You only go to PBSP if you are a repeat VIOLENT offender and only go to SHU (security housing unit) if you continue violence while in prison.

The inmates are given showers, meals, exercise time, library time, jobs if they can at least behave, and an opportunity for a FREE education.

I used to see people picketing outside the prison gates, screaming at me & other CO's, calling is scumbags, etc., when we have done nothing but provide an HONEST living by working hard for our families.

Sure, some grew up with hard lives, but so did I. I am white, but grew up in the same poor, diverse neighborhoods as any of these guys, so I don't buy into these BS excuses.

Life is a CHOICE. I took out loans to get an education, worked hard as a single mom, relentless hours at times, and juggled motherhood as well. Excuses are for whining losers, finding a goal, creating an opportunity, and working hard toward it will get you out of any situation. And ANYONE can get an education in this country! I started at the community colleges and then earned by degree at a state university

If less time was spent laying around planning their next CON, and instead they read, spent time @ library, completed their education, started making a PLAN to succeed once they're released, then they wouldn't return. STOP COMMITTING CRIMES AND YOU WON'T GO TO PRISON.
a. white chick in Salinas wrote on Thursday, November 20, 2014

    I don't see any of the SHU guys getting library time or jobs. and their workout time is in another concrete enclosure with outside light above they can see thru barbed wire. I had a friend in general population who had a job and was going to school... but because he was a gang member or associate something or another, he was not given any credit as far as helping to 'level down' like any other inmate would get if he were to declassify (point a finger or two) . oh, and he left for Arizona.. what a joke . he was beaten , pepper sprayed and given another 'level up' I tell you guys... your best bet is to stick with CDC. at least California Corrections officers are properly trained. the corporation they ship you off to is all about paying its stockholders.. I know , I was one.. geo group also. big quarterly dividends.. all money made from housing more and more gang members.. oh ya, they are also behind the laws (lobbyist) increasing sentences with 'gang enhancements' transparent much? ah, but nobody wants to know or get involved if it doesn't directly effect them. 85% bed fill for 20 yrs is going to be hard to fill.... look it up. CXW and Geo ... correctional corporation of America
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Alex - I think I like you _ I would like you to be my cell mate _ do you have a cute ass ?? Alex _ you like to put a person down for spelling ? come on get real _ ass-hole _ you need a Man to help you _ Alex you sound White also _ you know what happens to a lot of the White people in LA county Jail ?? use you're favorite word _ ass hole _ and hit it on the button_ if you get a gang banger to save you from the Blacks _ then you would shut you're mouth Alex _ tender care
Officer B wrote on Tuesday, July 30, 2013

    Ex-cpn...your response is typical of a convict...racist, threats of violence, disrespect, sexual perversion, profanity, etc, etc. These same traits are precisely what gets people involved in a life of crime.

IF you want to change your life, change your mind, which controls the scummy words that come out of your mouth, for starters.

Second, pick up a book, enroll in a class, volunteer at an animal shelter or with elderly, or SOMETHING POSITIVE for others and that will start putting positive in to your life.

You truly reap what you sow in this life!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Rikki Doxx

"I've read pretty much all the descriptions of Super Max prisons and the lifestyle there. I wouldn't wish that life on anyone. But, to keep society safe I guess it's needed."
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Sunday, July 08, 2012

It saddens me very much when I read these awful stories about what happens to people when they enter prison. If only everyone knew that prison in actually hell on earth . Parents would try very hard to educate their children so they do not end up in there.
G wrote on Wednesday, July 10, 2013

    Why would those stories sadden you? What happened to their victim's is what is sad. Screw the convict because they made a choice to end up where they're at. Society didn't cause their problems nor did their parents. Your actions are what determines your path.
That Girl wrote on Sunday, August 04, 2013

    Who r u all to judge god dont like that has anyone u ever love been in there some of those they r humen they r gods eople and they well as we all well face god i know there is people that as made bad sick choices but there also some in there for a little of nothing dont judge dont think u better than no one u might find urself in a place like that wrong place wrong time thats all i have to say not be rude just sayen buy and who r to be rude how people someone writes wow ur to cool ur mom dad must be proud
That girl wrote on Sunday, August 04, 2013

    And i did mess up u all mad me mad rude people i am sure u well understand it that girl buy
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Sunday, April 08, 2012

If you talk like you spell then I feel sorry for you.. Not only did your parents fail you ... so did your teachers... and your school... and your county.. and state.. But most of all you failed you... and your kids!
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