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Saturday, November 26, 2011

I am interested in knowing if there are any more stories about this Facility. I do have a similar case of a brutal attact which I will be able to share with others about this facility. I want others to write their experiences as we can make a petition against Franklin. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail. When sending e-mail it will be with the Heading Franklin. This way I will know you have read this and I will know what it pertains to.

We have to stand up for those inside or those who cannot speak for themselves due to fear or yet they might have even been released and dont want to remember what was done to them. The story I have to tell I plan to make a journal and have it printed for everyone to read. We must put an end to this sort of violence within the prison system.
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Monday, March 21, 2011

" 03/21/2011 Grieving franklin correctional facility where inmate was brutally beaten and then transferred to another facility undergoing treatment for psy issues, which the inmate does not have because I spoke with the inmate the inmate was doing great. Every one is at a stand still because all these correctional officers are in uniforms but they are murderers, the uniforms only cover up what they have been doing for many years. Now they are trying to say this inmate assaulted the officers and the correspondent that they gave to the inmate does not make any sense at all. Too long this kind of in-human treatment of inmates have been going on and no one seams to care they keep turning the other way. Inmate has suffered many injuries he is unable to use his hand for any amount of time he is unable to hear. The inmate have suffered eyes and head injuries along with several other injures at the hands of these murderous brutal abusers in uniform that are suppose to be looking over the inmate until inmate is released. All these Murderers that is covering up what is happening and no one is there to monitor them so they keep doing these crimes and they get no punishment because they know that they are all allowed to get away with these brutal crimes. The inmate was refused personal belongings and money that was sent to the facility, also been fearful for his life and being a target of constant brutal abuse. How long must we allow these, kind of brutality to continue across the United States of America and they world do not hear about these things. I am willing to let the world know that this country and its officers that are placed in offices are guilty of brutality and murder committed by their workers. The state calms that they own him they do not they did not bring him into this world so it does not matter what number they give him he does not belong to them. I refuse to let inmate become another statistic in the United States of America while those in office look the other way. How can any one who is placed in such position sleep at nights knowing that those who are suppose to look over others are murders. Others need to know that these correctional officers are murderers. I refuse to let this go un-notice I decide to send corresponding all across the world. It is high time this country take care of its own business and do things the right way. It does not matter who they are it does not give them any right to abuse anyone and than tries to cover up their murderous ways and intent. I will not give up until all those who are involve be brought to justice and I am sure they will because all the cover up they are doing the God that we serve will bring everything to light and they will not be able to run or hide. They are trying to deny him his right and be little him as a human been and keep him in the so call box for one year just to cover up their brutal abuse they will not accomplish anything in their quest of turning this individual into an invalid. They did this because they do not have any cameras install in this area of the facility, and the Governor is cutting much needed findings to the prison legal system. Although several latter were mailed out we only received three replies."
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3 posts on this prison. Showing page 1 of 1.

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