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Monday, May 12, 2008
pancho pistolas

"While i was in texas prison, i turned from a little rascal to a better person. In the past seven years i gained more knowlege than before. seems that every time i go back i leave the unit with the same gameplan hustle and get caught up in the free world hustle.

this time around i have gotten my GED, got involved in education and even became a peer educator for the Wallace Pack unit. it appears that a chance was given at another level, i took that and ran with it. i was around good educators that helped me stay out of trouble and gain a better self respect of others and my self to be able to help educate those in areas in infectious diseaes that in turn help my self esteem.

These offenders really need to look at their actions while in there. You can make this a learning experience. Take all the free education that you can, it certaintly won t hurt. We put our self in there, don t whine and cry, but pick yourself up and get moving and do something with yourself besides try to be the block s hustler. are you willing to stay longer for some bleach? Are smokes that worth it? Well, your peoples will really trip when they see you on contact visit, only through a fence, now that would really suck. For those who took prison life with respect keep it real. You re your only hope. You ll be alright, just remember to keep your head up and keep it real. "
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Robert J. Colson wrote on Friday, July 18, 2014


Shirley Brown learned to make saddles by hand in prison. When he got out he rented space in Joske's Department store in 1945 . He was located on the second floor in the back right hand corner. In 1967 he had a row of saddles with price tags on them in front of his quarters and there was a sign saying" Ring the Bell" if you wanted to talk with him. He would then stop working on his saddles and come out and talkwith you.

the first time I went to his business, which he named the Shirley Brown

Saddlery, I asked him if he liked working for Joske's and he replied, I rent. I am writing this because it was in prison Shirley learned his trade and took that training and started his own business. I am interested in more information on Shirley,You can contact me at the address below:

Robert J. Colson

2801 Morningside Drive

New Braunfels. Texas 78130

E-mail address....

Telephone 830- 625-8861
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2 posts on this prison. Showing page 1 of 1.

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