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Sunday, November 15, 2015

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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

I got released may 9th this year

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Sunday, February 23, 2014
bruce avery 525263

I was an inmate ay this facility. yes I'm good looking, yet I survived for two months in a max dormitory. Yes there was rapes and numerous beatings. This is the worst camp in the state because there's 1,100 inmates, but yet over 700 of them has the aids virus.
Carol S. wrote on Wednesday, April 02, 2014

    Bruce, I have a close friend that was just moved to A.C.I today. After reading all the horrible posts from everyone, I am worried sick. He is a big guy. Not a fighter but not afraid to protect himself. Do you have any small words of hope you can give me?? I feel sick right now. How did you get moved from this place. ??? thanks,
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Monday, June 17, 2013
In loving memory

Two scumbags killed my mother, Kids grandmother. The Beat and tortured her for 2 1/2 hours. And then you fools want to feel sorry because the visitation room is not to your liking... I hope all of your lives are filled with misery And all your loved ones locked up in jail or a:; f-:(:& every night. Good luck with all your visitations you idiots.
bruce avery wrote on Sunday, February 23, 2014

    my mother was raped by three niggers but yet you think that all inmates are complaining? I'm free, why don't you visit me if you feel that I'm a piece of shit? visit me at

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

"When you first walk through that gate...if you are not in a gang, the gangs will aproach you or (step to you). Apalachee C.I. is run by gangs, the biggest gangs being Folk (Gangster Disciples To Be Exact), and Bloods. When the gang member approaches you they try to put down on you. This means that they are going to extort you (force you to make a monthly or weekly payment for protection) or (if you have no money turn you out into a punk aka baby aka wife aka somebody s bitch). When this individual steps to you, if you do not stick up for yourself and fight this person or defend yourself from this person by any means nessesary, you WILL be up under them, meaning you are basically property of that individual and or their gang. If you are white and do happen to stick up for yourself and fight who steps to you, the Aryan Brothers will normally look after you. If you don t, they will typically look down upon you. Sometimes they might try to recruit you into a gang if they see that you are not weak.

DO NOT join a gang, DO NOT let them extort you, and DO NOT think that checking in to Protective Management (or PC) will save you. The officers are just as crooked as the inmates and will usually not LET you check in OR will release you BACK ON TO THE COMPOUND after checking in...which will result in serious problems for yourself.

If you are going into a Close Custody dormatory, prepare yourself for the worst. Psych-patients, gang members, murderers, homosexuals serving 10,20,30,Life that have nothing to lose occupy these housing units. Rape is definitely a possibility at this camp if you do not take the proper precautions or prepare yourself. ALWAYS be AWARE of your surroundings if you want to survive this prison it is VERY rough.

Prove yourself as someone who is not weak or vulnerable. Click up with people that got your best interests in mind and are knowledgeable. Get yourself a hustle if you don t have family to send you money or don t get very much money. Be smart able this hustle and don t let it get you in trouble. DO NOT borrow things or accept gifts from ANYBODY even if they appear to be your friend. Become invisible to the officers; in other words, don t show your ass to them or they will make your life hell. Respect the gangs, don t join them. Respect the gangs, but don t let them oppress you. Good luck if you end up in a prison like this because it IS a fight for your life, especially if you are new to the prison system or not a fighter."
Johnnyo wrote on Friday, March 13, 2015

    I spent 20 months at ACI as part of a 12 year bid. Although it is one of the more violent prisons in fl., it is not what you may encounter when watching shows like Lockup, etc. If you are reasonably intelligent, willing to defend yourself, and not a scumbag, you will be alright. When I first arrived in Oct. of 06, there had just been 3 murders in a two week span. None for the next 20 months. Although rapes are a real part of prison life, more often than not it's by coercion, not brute force. The guards are dangerous, but stupid. Sgt. McCoy who was a real piece of shit, left to go to a private institution. Watch out for Sgt Bates and Sgt (LT. now I think)Regan. Dumb and very dangerous. If you stick to the older guys who have done some time, don't borrow things you can't pay back, stay clear of the homosexuals, and don't gamble or get involved with the drugs there, you will be just fine. And never rat somebody out. The cops tell the person you snitch on and have no respect for you at all. Keep your head down, stay out of the cops faces, follow instructions and then go home to your family. God Bless .
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Friday, April 22, 2011

I was just released from A.C.I. jan 20th 2011.i was in confinement for manufacturing wepons which I didn?t do.i had no need for them.i was a crown holder for the crips at that camp and they didn?t want me there because they saw me as a threat when I really only tried to keep peace.needless to say they framed me.i spent 7 1/2 long months in confinement.

I was sprayed by the big cans of gas used for riot control.i was sprayed in a little cell with no air circulation and left for 45 minutes.they used 3 cans in on sitting.y?no reason at all.they do so many things against gang members.albiet many of them are not all there and are stupid.even my own brothers.they have the meaning of it messed up.

I was more about peace and tried to make it as much as possible.its hard when u have so many rival gangs.i would have loved to just do my time.the point is?this not only happens to me.

it happened to me more than anyone because of what i was bout innocent people get it too when they can u do your time when u have to watch ur back for inmates AND c.o. s?
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Friday, August 06, 2010
been there

First off let me explain to everybody how life is in prison (apalachee east unit) I am a former inmate at the east unit I did three years long years to the door no gain time cause they take it from u its what they. Call job security the co s there are all crooked and love to spray u with there pepper spray and give out false DR s to take your gain time now I can give out plenty of co s names but then I don t think this will get posted there is a lot of things that is going on in there that inmates can t get help for cause they read your mail and throw it away if its saying anthing bad about the prison people getting stabbed robed cut up and even raped b/c of lack of. Security and they gotta remember this is a psych camp people are dealing with some serious issues that no one cares but your family.

The co s call you names but you down and they all laugh in your face ACI east unit aint nothing but a money maker that s all they care about u gotta pay money to see the doctor for the doctor to tell u there s nothing wrong with you.

NEXT they have a DR squad there if u get a dr you go to the box or they put u on the DR squad now this DR squad is torture they got us working in 95 sometimes 100 degrees with water breaks every to hours people getting heat stroke passing out cause its to hot and we don t get enough breaks some times you get 30 60 90 or even 180 days on the squad depends on what you did wrong and they never take your days off I can go on and on about aci but I don t have no room they need help in there.
Law abiding citizen wrote on Sunday, July 14, 2013

    I'm glad to hear it's Torture. I hope all you criminals That end up in prison Have a horrible torturous life in there. If I was a guard everybody would be locked down in their cell and there would be no outside movement whatsoever. I would let all the scumbags go crazy. All I would do is shovel of big grave when the body start dying Of heat stroke or starvation.
i am wrote on Thursday, December 05, 2013

    You are probably one of the dirty gaurds that are more corrupt than the inmates. What you put out is what you get back...careful what you say.
bruce avery wrote on Sunday, February 23, 2014

    fuck you piece of shit! you're a coward that has no heart , no life, and walk through life as a bitch; connect with me coward and I'll show you who is real...bitch!
bruce avery wrote on Sunday, February 23, 2014

    fuckin guard cowards that beat on a man that is in handcuffs...beat on me fuck boy now that I'm free...I'll embarrass your gay faggot ass!
I hate Fucking Pigs wrote on Monday, December 01, 2014

    you know people say why do you act angry all the time because you call yourself law biding citizen but you cant see you fucking mother fucker I rather be convict bitch because I did 2.5 yrs in prison because I got my mom and sister off the street and you fucking pig you are sick son of bitch people like You make me sick My Name Angelis And I think you are fucked up son of bitch for saying that people can change and I say fuck you I didn't stay the same Let me introduce myself now

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looking for work and business but you dont have that so listed it so I thought I would added that I also into volunteer work.....

I hope President Obama and Washington DC see why I act like I do when I could been bitch when I was in Washington DC because people acted like that but you know what makes people homeless is fuck heads that talk shit
I hate Pigs wrote on Monday, December 01, 2014

    I copied my profile but I got education and let me tel you something this prison shit coming ou I say fuck you mother fucker and I made something myself you sorry mother fucker and Yea Im baby what the fuck of it
I hate fucking pigs wrote on Monday, December 01, 2014

    I aint give you my name I don't want you fucking loser tracking and fuck that because how dare you fucking say that fucking shit and think you punk ass mother fucker because you would your fucking hands on me like they tried I stood up and in front of knife and almost died and I stood up to cops Ihad two great bosses they knew would take shit Mr Wilson and I was south side front line and and Mr Johnson Dr Squad so bitch before you say your law bidden citizen one day you mother fucker it be you behind that door and I payed my time billion times over tired people talking shit like that fuck you and take your pussy in that you wouldn't survive mother you call baby wife bitchs let me tell you something where human beings fuck you and always be treated like less is way the fuck I have attitude I in letting no pussy mother fucker tell me shit you talk shit about inmates or criminals you fucking pigs you are the ones got fucking problem should treat people like human beings I seen to many die for you to disrespect people in there fuck off some of you I can relate this isn't to you all Im so sorry your loved ones had to go through that
Fucking hate pigs wrote on Monday, December 01, 2014

    you aint messing with no mediocre bitch I knew of all the gangs a I was cool it was never fucking boring moment because I didn't shit from them and sure was taking sit from the cops......
fucking hate pigs wrote on Monday, December 01, 2014

    it wasn't easy was hell but fucking people shouldn't keep making someone go t te darkest place now you see fucking why.......
I fucking hate pigs wrote on Monday, December 01, 2014

    say that shit you scumbag and to demomeaner defame someone why they been in there fucking wrong society acts like yall fuck that and everyone knows piece but I don't up nothing that's fuck shit one day I had someone put there hand me we both we don't yea the inmates tried to put down but I stood up and the Aryan bothers liked me very one of them did and no killed nothing I speak my fucking mind this bullshit what you say... and to always be mistreated when thats not the kinda person I am and to keep putting someone in that minded and letting me see my family during that same time every pussy shit
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

"My son is at Apalachee East. He only has little time left. The first thing he experienced was gang members approaching him telling him he would have to pay to be safe.

He is only 21 and has never been in prison before or been in a gang. They know this and prey on the young green men. It does no good reporting this because the C.O. s don t care. They are just as bad as the inmates.

My son checked in to protective management and has been harrassed by the C.O. s that he is a pussy and he needs to man up, and that he deserves what he gets. You would think that the prison would try to get a grip on the gang situation and if someone reports to them that they are being extorted and threatened that they might investigate the situation. Instead they come down on the inmate that reports it and continue to treat them as subhuman.

If you call and speak with the classification officers they act as if they will check in on it. But all they do is go down and yell at the inmate in front of everyone that is down there. When they have their I.C.T. hearing they only speak about the crime you committed that put you in prison and tell you that you deserve what happens to you. It is a joke.

They are paying their debt to society and that is why they are in prison. Allowing the gangs to run the prison is wrong and the way the prison personnel look away is even worse. They should be ashamed of their self. You want inmates to come out and be a productive part of society then stop beating them down to where they feel not worthy of even being human. Constant communication with your loved one is needed to balance out the sheer torture they receive from both the inmates and the prison personell. "
Lol wrote on Sunday, July 14, 2013

    I hope your son gets raped every night. I hope he gets the shit kicked out of him every day. I hope every day you go to visit him he's in lock down and can't make it. Your son is a scumbag and society should put a bullet in his head and be done with him. I hope your family and anybody you know falls victim to whatever your scumbag criminal son did. Your son is a waste on society he is subhuman Criminals aren't human they're a waste on society. I hope he dies in prison.
fucking hate pigs wrote on Monday, December 01, 2014

    you know fuck you pig That's fucked thing to say to a mother you bitter son of bitch that's why I hate society.... because people like you ignorant mother fucker........
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Thursday, April 09, 2009

"I went to dwight state prison for women and it s no joke. i was looking at 14 years to life. everyday i had to fight for my ass. the food was awful. i held my own without having to eat ass, i wasn t living like that, dawg.

i would like to marry some day and have a wonderful husband and i already have my shorties. for those of you that are doing tiime; all i can say is hang in there and god will see you through."
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Tuesday, November 03, 2009
La Dreamer

"Visitation at ACI West should be more sensative to families needs. My husband is a resident and visiting is at least 6 hours from our home, so to drive there first of all is an exhausting trip, to go through the security process is another situation in itself, i have had to change every time i visit, because my clothes is too my body looks in jeans or a shirt should have no case in the visit, but i guess to DOC i look to tempting to other inmates. In our visit we are allowed one kiss and hug at the beginning of our visit and at the end of our visit. We sit across from each other for 6 hours, no caressing of the face allowed, you can hold hands, but that is about it, my questions is: What in the world can we do with a table between us and a slew of C.O. s starring at our every move?

For kids it s even worse, they dont allow for families to go outside and walk around in a safe area or play ball etc, if you go outside it is for smoke breaks (2nd hand smoke is not where i want my children to sit near or by) The games supplied are not complete, checkers no checker boards, no tv, no radio, stuff to keep children busy for 6 hours. They should allow the kids to be able to bring in their electronic toys that would help alot.

Food, OMG don t get me started i will say the price is fair, not too expensive, but the choices need to be improved.

I dont think this will make a difference, but my suggestion, maybe a Sunday service for families, church is a great way to spend time with God and family and both can benefit from it. Maybe a tv with kid movies that a family can share together. Footballs, soccer balls, a grassy place where dad can play with his son and get some healthy excercise and enjoy each other s company.

We understand our husband s,boyfriends, friends made a choice that ended up their stay in this type of environment, however, visits are a way to comfort, support, give them a sense of hope and faith that they may not otherwise feel all week long. I would think DOC would appreciate a happy inmate instead of a restless one."
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Linda on Central East Correctional Centre
Concerned citizen on Millhaven Institution
Justice got you on Millhaven Institution
Gary eagles on Dorchester Penitentiary
Gary eagles on Dorchester Penitentiary
steve reyes on Deuel Vocational Institution
x on North Fraser Pretrial Centre
RON PENN on Louisiana State Penitentiary
Pharme369 on True Prison Stories
Pharmb259 on True Prison Stories
Pharmk743 on True Prison Stories
Son on Stony Mountain
Ohioxoxo on Noble Correctional Institution
Bonnie Wolfe on True Prison Stories

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