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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I was at bci for 3 years , what can I said, I work at the kitchen I was not allow by the officer to cook the food correctly. Because bci were not a hotel. The boots were man's shoes I end up having problems with my back. The size was two sizes bigger. Clothes under ware were rip , but that not matter because no one care, I am out now but it ts very hard to survive this community with a background. And no one's care.
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

I worked at BCI as a nurse. Everything I've read so far is true. I would try and do my job, and the officers would always try and get in the way. They treated the inmates horribly. I understand they were inmates, but they were human beings that made mistakes like anyone. A lot of officers just didn't treat the inmates made, they abused them. Mentally and sexually. If you spoke up and tried to help an inmate, you were in for hell. You could find yourself in a situation without protection from an officer, fired or worse. Thank god I treated them with decency and respect. I found myself in a few threatening situations were if it weren't for the "inmates" I could have been killed. I know BCI is now closed. However, I think a lot of people got away with crimes that they should be held accountable for, and I'm not referring to the inmates.
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Very nice site!
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Saturday, March 03, 2012

"I was in Prison for 12-1/2 years and my main compound was Broward, I have gone through almost everything in that hell and became a product of my environment. There are very few positive, encouraging people in that place and even though i was apart of the negativeness, it was a means of survival or a way of life after so many years. Im sure that many people will read this and when they do the honesty of my words may kick some officers in their mouth. We are treated as cows, herded from one point to another and the whole time spoken to as we are beneath a potential slaughtered animal. We are dared to speak and told to shut up when we have the courage to ask for help or need something like sanitary pads or toilet paper, if they have any at all. The officers that have a heart or seem to care have to hide it and sometimes ignore our needs. If they are nice to us they themselves are considered or treated differently and then eventually turn on us. Not all of the officers are cruel, they just arnt allowed to act decent to us. I along with 40 or more inmates have been told to stand in the heat the middle of summer just because. If we want to know why we are given a disorderly conduct DR and thrown into confinement for 30 days with loss of gain time. The food at Broward is under cooked, over cooked or not cooked at all, as we sit to eat the flies are so bad they cover our food. People that are kitchen workers are worked for 7 days straight and are given only state BOBOs like look like KEDS shoes and tear up like paper. Imagine the ring worm and fungus from all the water and unsanitaryness of the main kitchen and chow halls.

I was thrown in confinement under investigation for 30 days and was released from prison from confinement, not once was I told why by the administration. They say that the administration conduct themselves in that matter and treat us inmates ike this so we wont come back, okay but my punishment was those 15 years i was sentenced to, being away from my children and mother and father. Whom by the way my father died while in prison and wasnt allowed to see him. Their is a difference between cruelty and learning a lesson from the crime or crimes we committed. In the end we are all human and all are not perfect. WE inmates are their to better ourselves, or are we only there to be treated as animals.I have lost friends to suicide, death from poor medical responses, I have watched friends lose their minds to depression, sexual assault, and mental cruelty caused by the officers. I am one ex-offender that wont ever go back to prison, not because I dont want to be mistreated, but because I want to live my life differently than I did 12-1/2 years ago. I was young and basically grew up in prison. I am now an adult and have to learn so many things from being stashed away from society for so long. I here Broward is closing down, and Im so happy that those inmates remaining there will be taken to another compound. In closing I feel sorry for those officers that feel its okay to mistreat an inmate, we are helpless and at the officers mercy to depend on them for our basic needs. Its almost like abusing a caged up animal, what can that animal do to help themselves? Nothing! I know that people thinkthat inmates lie or that ex-offenders lie, but what i ve said is not a lie. The things that go in that place are horrible involving the treatment of inmates from officers. Hopefully my words are not in vain and neither will the unheard cries from within those prison gates be either. "
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"I was brought to Broward from Lowel for the modality program but once I was there it took then 9 months before even getting into the program. I worked in inside grounds. I suffer from progressive degenate osteoporosis and COPD I believe I was the only inmate that had an oxygen pass, remember what I just wrote there: OXYGEN PASS. Why? because I can t even breathe.

So now I have finally gotten into the Modality and graduated, then they give me my new job and it is in the kitchen, the potroom. But only for a short time. Why? They put me DOT. I can t breathe and out of breath just walking a very short distance and yet here I am on DOT up and down inclines and weedeating, lifting, dragging. They made me do it all. Wouldn t honour my transfer papers back to Lowell so I would be closer to my children.

And the disrespect is unbelievable. Yet as an inmate we can t speak like that to the co but yet they can to us. Somewhere they need to remember we with a past can never have their jobs but they sure as hell can become an inmate. I have seen rapes, beatings. Hell, I myself have bought medicine from an officer due to having such a bad cold and being DOT we only had Friday off and were not allowed to attend callouts. But only on a Friday and they will say they know you are dot, yet my callouts were tues and thurs. When I needed x-rays, which are on Monday and Thursday only, I could never go.

I have bought sticks of gum and cologne, you name it you can get it, right down to vodka. The bugs and rats are something else. They should give them a paycheck for all the damages they do just like the CO s. The Warden I heard left, I missed that blessing. One of the best things was how they sell only men s socks so when you put them on the ankle is at your calf and they MADE you pull up your socks. You would go to lock if they were pushed down. I worked DOT and per chapter 33 we are not allowed to wash our own uniforms and they give you only two. You know what I smelled like? I a m thinking now why did I even write this? Does anyone really care? Does it matter what we HUMANS go through? For every tear holds someone s story and lord knows I have shed my share. To the women within, never feel alone for sisters of doc know the truth. Within my prayers I hold you ALL dearly.

former inmate "
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Broward is awful. There s rats and bugs and it s dirty. I was there for 1 year and a half. The officers are not professional. They lie on the inmates they abuse their authority. The rooms don t work. They re not livable and the dorms are falling apart. The medical staff lie and don t do their job. I m having surgery now for something they said their test showed I didn t have.

I have only been out 6 mon. Then they were treating me for something I don t have at all. Had in my chart that I was taking meds, but that I wasn t probably taking it home.

Everything is backwards there. No one needs to be there at all, not to mention they let 4 people die while I was there. The only good thing I can say about them is the education system. Otherwise, the place needs to be shut down ."
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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"Not post my name? Why? I am not afraid of DOC. In fact, DOC hated me for being so out-spoken. They called it inciting a riot or creating a disturbance (like the females at Broward C. I. really have back bone). I was there for 20 years and have 2 whole boxes of grievances, false disciplinary reports, smart ass answers from medical when I requested medical care, outright lies and abuse, all in writing.

No one out here cares. No one wants to know. They even tried to kill me to shut me up when I witnessed them beat and murder an inmate in confinement in 1998. Know what the investigation resulted in? No charges filed against them, promotions, and the prison being turned from female into male. I was released in 2005, requested my medical and psych records, over and over again, and DOC refuses to release these records, or to even give any of these records to my doctors out here.

Got the letters to prove this, too. Oh yes, I could tell you lots of stuff but who will do anything about it? I am more than willing to show and tell. Point me to someone who can and will make a difference."
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Thursday, October 08, 2009

"I was at Broward Correctional Facility for over a year before I was transfered to Lowell. There are alot of things going on there. Alot of bullshit if you ask me. I was having sex with an officer there and they shipped me but there is so much of that going on there. They need to just ship all the inmates then, there are just some inmates that get away with things others can not. There are alot of rats to, it s dirty in the main kitchen, and in both dinning halls where we are walked to so we can eat chow like we are cattle. That s what any meal time is called, CHOW TIME . They just need to shut Browar CI down! Oh yea, and Inspector Denmark should have been FIRED!"
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Broward Correctional Facility is infested with rats - especially in the kitchen - the rats are eating all the food.

When it rains the inmates are not allowed to shower because due to dysfuntional plumbing there is a problem with a backup of water.
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