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Ohio State Penitentiary | Ohio

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

" My name is Walt K., I am a SWM in his early 20 s, who once was a D-3 college football prospect, who always thought of himself as capable of taking on any and all challenges. Most unfortunately for myself this belief was sorely tested! as a consequence of being incarcerated in the Mahoning County Jail for 6 months on a domestic abuse charge e.g. slapping my girlfriend s face. As Jails go this one is new, clean, well run. However, about two weeks into my sentence, I ran afoul of a fellow inmate who caught me sneaking a peek at his copy of a Buttman magazine. Initially, I tried to express my sincere regret only to learn from the irate pod mate being sorry would not satisfy but a blow-job in his own very words would be most fine. At first I laugh at the 40 something,pot-bellied black man, only to find myself waking up blerry eyed!, ears ringing, looking up at the ceiling. Again another request for service was made & being hard headed I refused, resulting in yet again slap to my face. After coming to following the second slap well ,it s hoped any females reading this won t be upset by the image of a young, muscular dude s heads bobbing up & down giving an older male head to completion. Both he & other pod-mates would get similar service for the duration of my sentence. Since my release I ve been tested for HIV,and have been evaluated as HIV (-). I ve also gone back to the girlfriend I slapped,how do I tell what happened, should she know? , OK., WHAT DO YOU THINK??? "
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1 posts on this prison. Showing page 1 of 1.


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