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Friday, January 23, 2015

Parents or friends of inmates at SBCC,my best to you.some people believe that a human beings life without value, once convicted of a felony..nothing could be farther from the truth..u can alwayyys tell screws in their responses, crybabies ...wahwah im telling my union..Guttless pukes.truth is..they only go home because the cons LET them go home..and if theyyy were to talk this fake tuffguy stuff an give the wrong guy, the wrong dayyyy....they might just spring a leak by way of something sharrrp..

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Monday, February 17, 2014
follow corka00

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Sunday, February 03, 2013
frank G

I like the story about the 35lb shield and moving two vertebre . How about maybe your son shouldnt have committed a crime and he would not have been in that situation.
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

All cons are scum
wrote on Saturday, May 21, 2016

    your mothers scum
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012
laughing at ya

"35lb shield huh? That shield is called a polycaptor shield, google it, it weighs about 4lbs, basically a flexible piece of plexiglass with 2 handles on it. Sounds like your boyfriend is a lying shithead like I mentioned before"
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

"My son was in SB for four years, his crime was a stick up. In his 3rd year there was a riot going on. He was in his cell and saw a friend of his in the hall with a motor on a cord that he was going to swing at a co. My son pulled his friend into his cell so that he could not commit the act and possibly kill a co. My son may have saved a life. His friend would not cuff up so my so didn t either. They sent the tactical team in to get them. When the team entered, my son was smashed over the head with a 35lb sheild, it split his head open and moved to vertebrea in his neck. They twisted his foot to almost break it, that tore ligaments. When he could not walk down the hall they dropped him on his face. Then they made them climb the stairs to get to the hole. His head was barely washed and then all they let the nurse do is steri strip it, all the time rushing her. I forget how many days he did in the hole, but I don t believe he deserved this kind of treatment for possibly saving a co s life. "
Earl wrote on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

    Sorry your son caused his own problems, he should have just let them cuff him when he had the chancehe CHOSE to break the rules and paid the price
Kevin wrote on Sunday, April 19, 2015

    You're son is a first class a-hole tough guy. If he would have obeyed orders he would not have been hurt at all. I bet he never learned from it either.
Russell wrote on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

    some people are like children and think every consequence involves another child not doing what mommy says. When your 5 years old it is true. When you are an adult things are different. I wouldnt cuff up either!!!!!! In a riot really!!!!! What if that guard got hurt and he is in handcuffs. That could be fatal.
wrote on Saturday, May 21, 2016

    id like to shake your sons hand! cos r worse than the cons. and thats the truth like it or not.
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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

"Hello everybody, I am from another state, does anybody know if the inmates get there mail the same day the mail room gets it? how long does it for them to get the mail? "
R.D. wrote on Wednesday, December 25, 2013

    they shouldn't even get mail.
wrote on Saturday, May 21, 2016

    never the same day. and your lucky if you do get it

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Friday, May 18, 2012
"liz,janny &key"

"hello ,,i have recently vsist my brother ,and i have to said the personal is very friendly and i like the way they set up the visists and i love that they dont bug u on the visiting room ,,i like that some one from the inside is reding all this ,,now i dont ,,understand why iimates cant recive accesories like ,socks underware,pjs books stuff that they could use ,,if evertithing is check before they get it i don t see why not "
Tim Tebow wrote on Sunday, April 19, 2015

    Because it's prison. Take away all privileges from the outside.
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Monday, April 02, 2012

"Listen up, for real. I m not trying to offend anyone, so don t take this personally, but heres some observations of SBCC and other facilities in Ma. CO s are for the most part friendly, but have to be strict in enforcing the rules, which by the way, are posted everywhere in the lobbies of every facility. It s your fault you chose not to read them, follow them, or ignore them. Sweat pants, bootie shorts, tube tops, no bra s, huge piercings, contraband, trying to smuggle in narcotics, cigarettes, needles, not bringing your ID, not bringing kids Birth certificates, open warrants, drunk, smelling like marijuana, not watching your kids(CO s are not your babysitters), women performing sex acts in plain view of everyone including the visiting kids. This is just some of the things going on during visits.

Next, lets talk about all the A CO did this to my loved one . Hate to tell ya, but 99.9% of what you are being told is a straight up lie. Your loved one is in the hole and isnt being told why they know exactly why, whats involved, and just like on the street, are being investigated until the matter is handled internally or turned over to the DA s office. My mail was ripped up by a CO nope, 9xs out of 10 you mailed it wrong. There are cameras everywhere, not just 1 tape, those videos are sent to many places even outside of the facilities and are impossible to erase or lose . Another movie myth. Ladies, dating websites for inmates is huge. Do you really think he is thinking I want to meet a kind soul to chill with and maybe friends first hopefully leading to more . You and a dozen others are sending your soulmate money. Some of these loved ones have more money in their prison accounts than they ever did on the street. It s your money, but its fact(no doubt someones gonna say not my loved one ). Heres another fact, SBCC is a Level 6 facility, that means your loved one is a very dangerous person. Like someone posted below, they are not car thieves, they did something or some things that ranked them to Level 6. My loved one is mentally ill , nope, the judge, the jury, and the Physche staff found them mentally sane. I see those games all the time. As someone posted about AIDs/HIV, crap bombs, urine tossing. I know the medical possibilities too, Ill tell you what, if your so sure, , lets make a deal, I get hit with 1 of the above, then I get to do 1 to your kid. Thats fair right? After all, my parents are still alive and im their loved one. Little different looking at it that way isnt it. (and NO i would never dream of doing that to ANYONE).

The things Ive posted above are just the daily grind of SBCC, along with the daily fights, gangs, stealing, lying, fake medical conditions, assaults on staff, fake grievances, faked lawsuits, etc. To those who call me a wanna be cop, ok. But being a fake rent a cop has its perks. I ll be retired after 20yrs, under 50yrs old, a 6 figure a year job cause of overtime, $72,000 without OT, and I have a 4yr college education. So call me a rent a cop, a pig, a fake pig or whatever, its in 1 ear out the other. In all probablity, I probably have a better car, house, motorized toys, and quality of life in general. At the end of the day, Im going home to my loved ones. Like I stated earlier, im not trying to put anyone down, im just stating facts, and they are facts, some people are just blinded with emotion. We dont go to work to make your loved ones day worse, we go to do our job, thats it, no more. Oh and 1 more thing, the Do you know who I am , Im gonna have your job , and Im making a call, youll see doesnt mean crap to us. You look and sound ignorant to us when you behave this way, so save your rants for the ride home, you are bothering the other visitors who are doing whats asked of them.

Take care"
Educated veteran wrote on Thursday, April 23, 2015

    But you're doing it on the back of the most unfortunate people in our society, so you might as well be satan for reveling in it. Your job is necessary, yes. Acting like a cunt because of your shitty job is not. Also, with the closures of most state run mental health facilities, prisons are being expected to take on those unfortunate enough to not be wealthy. Those prisoners who exhibit the most violent behavior are more often than not mentally ill, not medicated and severely paranoid from ditto g in solitary constantly. I can say without a doubt that you buddy are a fucking scourge
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Monday, April 02, 2012

I find alot of this comical. The Evil CO s. Looks like some people have the movies confused with real life. There are more cameras at SBCC than probably any other facility. This isnt Shawshank.
boston wrote on Monday, April 13, 2015

    U are a screw right?then you know me and like allways u cos are fucking liars like my 11 months in the hole at sbcc with NOdreport and u can b at sbcc as a non violent offender thanks to the new point based system i chose to stay in walpole when it was still walpole because it was the only real prison in mass unlike the other day cares where the screws dehumanize you and strip u of ur dignity and self respect
Charles Manson wrote on Sunday, April 19, 2015

    Well jackass, if you weren't in prison you couldn't complain about your treatment. You earned whatever you have coming to you. Waaahhhh!!
wrote on Saturday, May 21, 2016

    then tell me about all the deaths by cos in hoc south bay alot of us witnesed alot . even the women were determined pregnant after they were found hanging in there cell. and they were incareted for over a year. how does that happen.
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