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Reported Cases of Female sex Offenders

It is generally known that female sex offenders receive more lenient sentences than their male counterparts (Embry et al, Sex-Based Sentencing: Sentencing Discrepancies Between Male and Female Sex Offenders. Feminist Criminology, 2012;7(2):146-162), are subject to fewer prison assaults, and are granted earlier release on parole. While the former decision is made by the courts, and arguably open to possible court bias, the latter decision is made by correctional officials, and based on relatively reliable results from the research. Even though sexual victimization by either males or females is a traumatizing experience, female offenders are not as dangerous as male offenders, and combine the act with fewer aggravating circumstances, such as weapon possession, kidnapping, and violence. Perhaps because of this, more cases of female sex offending go unreported. See domestic abuse for a more detailed look at rates of female victimization by men.

According to psychologist Anna C. Salter, female sex offenders fall into three groups: the first group often victimizes their own biological children, mostly those under the age of six; the second group, called the "teacher/lover" group, have sex with children in the groups they are involved with, are usually around 30 years old and having sex with kids about 15 years old (portrayed in the 2006 movie "Notes On A Scandal", featuring Cate Blanchett as a teacher who has an affair with a 15-year-old male student); and finally, the third group are coerced into sexual situations with children by an abusive male partner. Clinical and forensic psychologist Jackie Craissati adds an additional dimension to these three, involving the adolescent female perpetrator, who often comes from a very disturbed background ().

Male victims of female sexual abuse often suffer from many of the same conditions experienced by female victims of male abusers: chronic difficulties in maintaining relationships, severe depression and substance abuse. The parents of the boys who were sexually abused by Sue Reschke in 2013 reported that their sons started showing signs of behavioral and academic problems after the abuse took place. They became socially isolated and awkward around people, and began to suffer from anxiety and depression. The actual incidence of male victimization is also probably much higher than what is reported.

A snapshot of all reported cases of female sex offenders are listed below (as of 2008), including a brief description of the more famous of cases.

Canada Nationwide


US Nationwide

US selected state data

State Reported Female Sex Offenders
Arkansas 23 Currently there are 23 registered female sex offenders, according to the state's department of corrections.
Texas 471 In 2001, there were 471 female sex offenders listed on the Texas Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registry.
Florida 142 As of 2006, current data on the Florida Department of Corrections reports 142 female sex offenders.
Georgia 1 Currently there is only 1 female sex offender incarcerated for sexual exploitation of a child, according to the Georgia department of corrections.
Iowa 14 There are 14 currently registered female sex offenders incarcerated in Iowa.

Famous Cases of Female Sex Offenders



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