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Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7 (GAD-7)

The GAD-7 assesses possible cases of generalized anxiety disorder and assesses symptom severity among males and females in the following age groups: Young Adulthood (18-29 yrs); Thirties (30-39 yrs); Middle Age (40-64 yrs); Aged (65 yrs & older); Very Old (85 yrs & older); Adolescence (13-17 yrs); and Adulthood (18 yrs & older). Anxiety is assessed according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) symptom criteria for GAD. The internal consistency according to research is Cronbach's alpha = 0.89 for all age groups. Construct validity is sound with moderate correlations between the GAD-7 and the PHQ-2 (r = 0.64 (P < 0.001) ) and between the GAD-7 and the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (r=-0.43 (P < 0.001)). The correlation between GAD-7 self-report scores and DSM-IV clinical ratings is intraclass correlation=0.83. The Generalized Anxiety Disorder Questionnaire is a 13-item questionnaire that asks patients how often, during the last 2 weeks, they were bothered by each of the symptoms listed. Response options are rated along the following scale: “not at all,” “several days,” “more than half the days,” and “nearly every day,” scored as 0, 1, 2, and 3, respectively. It was developed from the highest correlated items from the 13-item questionnaire.

Sources: RL Spitzer et all. A Brief Measure for Assessing Generalized Anxiety Disorder. 166(10) Arch Intern Med 1092-1097. 2006.
RP Swinson. The GAD-7 Scale was Accurate for Diagnosing Generalised Anxiety Disorder. 11(6) Evid Based Med 184. 2006.
Löwe, B., Decker, O., Müller, S., Brähler, E., Schellberg, D., Herzog, W., & Herzberg, P. Y. (2008). Validation and standardization of the Generalized Anxiety Disorder Screener (GAD-7) in the general population. Medical care, 46(3), 266.

You are a
male | female

Over the last week, you have been (check one): Not at all Several days More than half of days Nearly every day
1. Feeling nervous, anxious, or on edge
2. Not being able to stop or control worrying
3. Worrying too much about different things
4. Trouble relaxing
5. Being so restless that it’s hard to sit still
6. Becoming easily annoyed or irritable
7. Feeling afraid as if something awful might happen


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