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Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire - AEQ

The Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire (AEQ) is a 30-item scale measuring expectancies about the behavioral effects of alcohol consumption. Test-takers are intended to answer the questions according to their personal expectations about the effects of alcohol. Preliminary studies revealed that the scale consists of six independent expectancies (or six factors), including: 1) alcohol transforms experiences in a positive way, 2) enhances social and physical pleasure, 3) enhances sexual performance and experience, 4) increases power and aggression, 5) increases social assertiveness, and 6) reduces tension. The Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire has good convergent validity with other placebo-controlled studies of alcohol expectancies, especially for the factors of sexual enhancement, increased power and aggression, increased social assertiveness, and tension reduction. The following scale includes scoring and interpretation, and takes about 5 minutes to complete. It was originally intended to be used by primary health care providers to measure alcohol abuse and substance abuse in the general and institutional population. If an item is always or sometimes true, circle agree. If an item is never true, circle disagree.
Brown, S. A., Goldman, M. S., Inn, A., & Anderson, L. R. (1980). Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire. PsychTests
Goldman, Mark S., Greenbaum, Paul E., & Darkes, Jack (1997). A confirmatory test of hierarchical expectancy structure and predictive power: Discriminant validation of the Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire. Psychological Assessment, Vol 9(2), 145-157. doi: 10.1037/1040-3590.9.2.145
Stress, coping, and alcohol expectancies in rural African-American women MR Boyd, B Baliko, MF Cox, A Tavakoli - Archives of psychiatric nursing,
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I feel more creative after I've been drinking. yes no
Drinking makes it easier to concentrate on the good feelings I have at the time. yes no
If I'm feeling restricted in any way, a few drinks make me feel better. yes no
Men are friendlier when they drink. yes no
Alcohol makes me need less attention from others than I usually do. yes no
After a few drinks, I feel more self-reliant than usual. yes no
When drinking, I do not consider myself totally accountable or responsible for my behavior. yes no
Alcohol enables me to have a better time at parties. yes no
Drinking makes the future seem brighter. yes no
I drink when I'm feeling mad. yes no
Drinking alone or with one other person makes me feel calm and serene. yes no
After a few drinks, I feel brave and more capable of fighting. yes no
Drinking can make me more satisfied with myself. yes no
My feelings of isolation and alienation decrease when I drink. yes no
Alcohol makes me worry less. yes no
Alcohol seems like magic. yes no
Drinking helps get me out of a depressed mood. yes no
After I've had a couple of drinks, I feel I'm more of a caring, sharing person. yes no
Alcohol decreases my feelings of guilt about not working. yes no
I feel more coordinated after I drink. yes no
Alcohol makes me more interesting. yes no
If I'm feeling afraid, alcohol decreases my fears. yes no
Alcohol makes me feel better physically. yes no
Alcohol makes it easier to forget bad feelings. yes no
I often feel sexier after I've had a couple of drinks. yes no
I'm a better lover after a few drinks. yes no
Women can have orgasms more easily if they've been drinking. yes no
I enjoy having sex more if I've had some alcohol. yes no
Some alcohol has a pleasant, cleansing, tingly taste. yes no
Sometimes when I drink alone or with one other person it is easy to feel cozy and romantic. yes no


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