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PLACER COUNTY | California

PLACER COUNTY is a jail in California constructed in 1983. It has an average daily inmate population count of 580. The jail's stated inmate capacity is 640. This represents an undercapacity of 10%. The jail historically has encountered an average of 3 staff assaults per year (estimated). It has about 140 full-time staff and 0 Part-time Staff per year. The average staff salary for this jail is $95,195. The ethnic composition of staff at this jail is 2 African-American, 140 Caucasian, and 13 Hispanic. There are on average 522 male inmates and 58 female inmates incarcerated at any given time. About -- inmates participate in inmate educational programs, and 170 are on work release.

Jail Address

P.O. BOX 6990

The above statistics on PLACER COUNTY, California were taken from the latest Annual Survey of Jails conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Statistical information on this jail is intended for research purposes only. is not responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of this data.

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