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  • Miss. prison chief says 4 of 5 inmate killings done by gangs
    SUNFLOWER COUNTY, Miss. — Mississippi's outgoing prisons chief said Friday that at least some of the five killings of inmates since Sunday stem from gang violence, as guards struggle to maintain control of restive inmates....[more]

  • Prison guard had complaints before inmate was beaten
    OCALA — One of the guards accused of beating a female inmate so severely she was left paralyzed has previously been accused of trading cigarettes for sex, insubordination, harassing inmates for their religious beliefs and kissing and groping them....[more]

  • Prison Guard Accused Of Beating of Female Florida Inmate!
    A newly promoted guard on the largest girls’ jail in Florida who purportedly beat a female inmate so badly in August that she was left paralyzed from the neck down had a historical past of complaints lodged in opposition to him by different inmates who declare he physically and bodily harassed them....[more]

  • Woman who gave birth alone in Denver jail cell sues city authorities
    A woman who gave birth alone in her jail cell in Denver is suing the city after deputies and nurses allegedly ignored her pleas for help during about five hours of labour...[more]

  • Oklahoma inmate jailed for nearly 30 years freed after judge rules he’s innocent in 1991 murder
    An Oklahoma inmate who served more than 28 years behind bars was released from prison after a judge overturned his conviction for a 1991 murder....[more]

  • Florida Inmate Uses Smuggled Cellphone To Capture Beating
    A prison inmate used a smuggled cellphone to shoot video of several guards punching an inmate who was being held on the ground and the Florida Department of Corrections is now investigating....[more]

    A Federal grand jury has indicted a kitchen supervisor at the Rio Grande Detention Center in Laredo, Texas, for making a false statement and providing contraband in prison to an inmate, announced U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Patrick on Friday....[more]

  • Corrections Department doesn't 'like' Michigan prisoner's Facebook page
    LANSING – A Michigan prisoner gave up his freedom but was not prepared to go without his social media....[more]

  • Arizona prison officials won't let inmates read book that critiques the criminal justice system
    Arizona Corrections officials could soon face a First Amendment lawsuit if they refuse to overturn a ban on inmates' ability to read "Chokehold," a critically acclaimed critique of the American criminal-justice system and its treatment of black men....[more]

  • 2,000 Leaked Photos Show the Cruelty of an Alabama Prison. Should They Be Publishe
    A shirtless man is laying on a hospital cot as two gloved nurses tend to him. He’s covered in blood from multiple stab wounds to his chest, and it coats his clothes, the cot’s sheet, and the floor. This is just one of more than 2,000 photos, many of them similarly gruesome, leaked earlier this year from inside the St. Clair Correctional Facility, a notorious prison in Alabama. ...[more]

  • A sheriff in Oklahoma, five of her deputies and several other staff members resigned this week in protest of a judge’s order to reopen a county jail that they had deemed unsafe.
    A sheriff in Oklahoma, five of her deputies and several other staff members resigned this week in protest of a judge’s order to reopen a county jail that they had deemed unsafe....[more]

  • Inmates charged in Delaware prison riot claim abuse in lawsuit
    SMYRNA, Del. -- Nine inmates charged in a Delaware correctional officer's murder during a riot are suing corrections officials, alleging that they were abused....[more]

  • America: The land of no second chance
    Here, sins can remain emblazoned on our job and college applications and sever our access to basic civil rights, in perpetuity. An estimated 5.85 million Americans, for example, were unable to exercise the franchise in Tuesday's midterm elections because of a felony conviction, with disproportionate impacts on people of color. (One in every 13 black adults across the country could not vote in this election because of a criminal record, according to the Sentencing Project.) And many millions more won't make it past a resume screener because so many employers say that lawbreakers of any stripe "need not apply."...[more]

  • Exonerated inmate seeks compensation from D.C. for his pain, distress in prison
    When he was first sent to the federal prison in Lorton, Va., for a crime he did not commit, Kirk Odom was warned never to tell other inmates about his rape conviction. If he did, the information could make him prey to inmates seeking vengeance....[more]

  • Finding Hope After Prison -- An East Bay writer and social justice advocates document the struggles and accomplishments of formerly incarcerated people.
    Yema Lee grew up surrounded by crime in West Oakland. Members of her family started selling cocaine and heroin when she was eleven years old. At twelve, she committed her first burglary. Lee, now 41, spent a total of eight years in jail and prison during her twenties and thirties. Each time she was released, it seemed impossible not to return....[more]

  • Montana jail that once sought Guantanamo detainees filling empty beds with American Indians
    HARDIN, Mont. — A Montana town that once offered to take in suspected terrorists from Guantanamo Bay out of desperation to fill an empty, $27 million jail has finally started to fill its cells with American Indian inmates from across the Northern Plains.

    The Two Rivers Regional Detention Facility in Hardin was built in 2007 on hopes it would boost an economically-depressed area of southeast Montana bordering the Crow Indian Reservation....[more]

  • Letter: He objects to too-free use of the term ex-convict
    Wiping the slate clean for ex-cons: In recent days, there were reports about a deranged person gaining access to the White House, with a follow-up story about a contractor being in an elevator, having a concealed weapon, with the President of the United States....[more]

  • Convicted killer launches online petition to gain Facebook access for inmates
    Frenchis Abraham doesn't cotton to the idea of the government interfering with his ability to keep up with family and friends on Facebook, and he's trying to rally people to oppose such intrusions by the state....[more]

  • Jailbreak in Washington state goes unnoticed for two days
    (Reuters) - A Washington state man jailed on robbery charges managed to slip away from a detention facility last week in an escape that went unnoticed for two days until his lawyer arrived for a visit, officials said on Tuesday....[more]

  • Ohio prisons, private vendor, developing new menu
    Inmates and staff were surveyed about current foods they like and dislike, along with items they want eliminated or added, according to a list of responses by the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to recommendations by a legislative oversight committee.

    The agency also said it has raised the bar for determining when Philadelphia-based Aramark Correctional Services must take action based on evaluations. Previously, action plans were required if evaluation scores fell below 80 percent. The agency has raised that to 84 percent, according to the recommendations provided by agency director Gary Mohr....[more]

  • Attica Prison Riot’s 43rd Anniversary a Special One
    ATTICA, N.Y.—Hundreds of personal items collected after the 1971 Attica prison riot have been returned to their owners and families.

    New York corrections officials, members of the guards’ union, and family members of those killed marked the 43rd anniversary of the nation’s deadliest prison uprising with a series of events Saturday in front of the western New York prison....[more]

  • Vegas jail visits halted for 9-11 anniversary
    LAS VEGAS — Clark County Detention Center is putting social visits to inmates on hold for a day because it's the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

    Las Vegas Police Officer Laura Meltzer says the move is a precaution due to the significance of the date, and in light of recent world events....[more]

  • ‘Lockup’ off to solid start in portraying life in Fairfax County jail
    The fruits of spending four months, day in and day out, in the Fairfax County jail were unveiled Saturday night when “Lockup: Fairfax” premiered on MSNBC. The show did a fine job capturing slices of life in a jail in one of America’s wealthiest counties, particularly in portraying the professionalism of the deputies here, but it will be interesting to see how deeply they dig into the one issue that bedevils corrections officials everywhere: mental health. It was hinted at in Episode One, but we’ll see how far they go. Some viewers also expressed concerns about the exploitation aspect of the show. It’s a legitimate concern....[more]

  • Graying of SC prisons will cost state’s taxpayers
    An inmate at Camille Griffin Graham Correctional Institution for women keeps a wheelchair tucked away in the corner of her small, cinder-block cell.

    She has a walker, too.

    The wheelchair and walker are just two of the signs of the exploding population of aging inmates in South Carolina’s prisons.

    Another sign? The dollar sign, as in the increasing cost that S.C. taxpayers will have to pay to care for those aging inmates....[more]

  • Colorado prisons chief orders Sterling review after 6th inmate killed
    Colorado prison chief Rick Raemisch has ordered a review of the circumstances leading to the murders of six inmates at Sterling Correctional Facility over the past four years, officials said Wednesday. Cody Gray, who was serving a life prison sentence for a sex offense, was the latest casualty. He killed Monday morning in a general population cell, said Adrienne Jacobson, spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Corrections. The review will consider whether mistakes have been made in the classifications of inmates, which dictates whether they are placed in secure prisons. “It’s a high number,” Jacobson said, referring to the six murders. “M...[more]

  • New York inmates riot over missing favourite TV shows due to early bedtimes
    A riot broke out inside one of America’s toughest prisons after an early bedtime prevented inmates from watching their favourite TV shows.

    More than 60 prisoners inside New York’s notorious Rikers Island facility refused to comply with a newly introduced 9pm curfew on Monday night....[more]

  • A tour of Old Montana State Prison reminds you that life is better on the outside
    Located about three quarters of the way along the I-90 between Missoula and Butte, Deer Lodge is a quiet town that was home for more than a century to the Montana State Prison, a troubled institution that was perennially overcrowded and the sight of several riots, culminating in one that took the life of a deputy warden....[more]

  • America's convicted juveniles: The stories of those growing up behind the razor wire
    Jesus Macedo-Perez was out driving with friends in his neighbourhood of Elkhart, Indiana, an industrial city on the banks of the St Joseph River known as the "RV capital of the world", but locally renowned for high crime rates, unemployment and communities ravaged by drugs....[more]

  • Eastern State Penitentiary Hosts "Family Weekend: Pets in Prison" on Saturday and Sunday, August 9 and 10
    PHILADELPHIA, July 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Eastern State Penitentiary will host "Family Weekend: Pets in Prison" on Saturday and Sunday, August 9 and 10 and again on September 27 and 28. The event, designed for kids and adults of all ages, will feature interactive and educational activities all weekend long. Visitors can learn about the role of animals throughout Eastern State's history, meet (and adopt) shelter dogs from a local prison-training program, and participate in animal-themed activities. ...[more]

  • Inside Oregon prisons: Most inmates at Two Rivers never see the horizon
    Two Rivers Correctional Institution sits about 100 yards from a bucolic bulge in the Columbia River called Lake Wallula. But prisoners inside seldom, if ever, see this grand green pool of water and the irrigated crops beyond....[more]



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