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The Alberta Warriors were most likely formed when Correctional Services Canada dispersed members of the Manitoba Warriors from Manitoba's Stony Mountain Institution to Alberta's Edmonton Institution in 1997. The Warriors spread to another province and set up an offshoot branch as the Alberta Warriors. The Calgary Herald reports that most of the gang reside in Edmonton (21 May 2004 Calgary Herald). Members usually wear the initials"AW" and blue bandannas. Animosity exists between the Alberta Warriors and other gangs, such as the Asian Crazy Dragons, a small gang limited to institutions in Alberta; the Bloods in Edmonton, the Indian Posse, and Native Syndicate. Alberta Warriors members existed at one time or the other in Bowden Institution, and Drumheller Institution.


"Edmonton teen who led boys to her apartment testifies in stabbing trial,"
The Canadian Press, 11 June 2004.

"Teens' attackers were Warriors, witness says: Woman feared gang and could not help," Edmonton Journal, 11 June 2004, by Duncan Thorne.



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