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By using the information contained on this site you agree to the following terms: (We) make no guarantees of any kind that any information placed on this site (info) is accurate, timely, exhaustive, or reliable. We accept no responsibility or liability for damages of any kind resulting from reliance on this info or lack thereof. Sex offender information was collected from official state sex offender registries in Spring, 2016 (see below for source link). It may not reflect actual, current or complete data, so users should verify this info with the state or local law enforcement agency responsible for it before use. Ensure that you have reviewed and understood each state's individual information collection policy before using this info. If you believe this sex offender information is in error (i.e. out-of-date, offender is off the registry, record expunged, etc), please send an email to:, along with a direct link to this page and any supporting information available. Once verified the record will be modified or removed, if necessary, free of charge.

There are currently 1,060 sex offenders in Oregon in our sex offender database. Choose a county in Oregon from the list below to see a list of sex offenders for that area. Sex offender information includes current addresses, offenses, and other personal details. If you still cannot find who you are looking for, search the latest data at the FBI's state-wide Sex Offender Registry at: Oregon Sex Offender Registry

Search Sex Offenders By County in Oregon

Unknown, out of state or out of country
36 sex offenders
Baker County
3 sex offenders
Benton County
6 sex offenders
Clackamas County
39 sex offenders
Clatsop County
5 sex offenders
Columbia County
11 sex offenders
Coos County
20 sex offenders
Crook County
7 sex offenders
Curry County
1 sex offender
Deschutes County
24 sex offenders
Douglas County
18 sex offenders
Grant County
2 sex offenders
Harney County
2 sex offenders
Hood River County
1 sex offender
Jackson County
56 sex offenders
Jefferson County
5 sex offenders
Josephine County
17 sex offenders
Klamath County
7 sex offenders
Lane County
75 sex offenders
Lincoln County
15 sex offenders
Linn County
69 sex offenders
Malheur County
12 sex offenders
Marion County
154 sex offenders
Morrow County
1 sex offender
Multnomah County
307 sex offenders
Unknown, out of state or out of country
26 sex offenders
Unknown, out of state or out of country
10 sex offenders
Pinellas County
1 sex offender
Polk County
12 sex offenders
Saratoga County
1 sex offender
Tillamook County
14 sex offenders
Umatilla County
22 sex offenders
Union County
4 sex offenders
Unknown, out of state or out of country
9 sex offenders
Wallowa County
2 sex offenders
Wasco County
10 sex offenders
Washington County
40 sex offenders
Yamhill County
16 sex offenders

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To search for inmates incarcerated in county & city jails, and state and federal prisons (not necessarily sex offenders), use the Inmate Search The database contains links to almost 3,000 facilities.

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To search for all people (not just inmates) by first name, last name, and state, use the people search. Search sources include several public records databases, address directories, search engines, and social media websites.

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