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State & Federal Prison Profiles

Choose a state from the right to see all state and federal prisons operating in that state, and then click on a facility to see more detailed information on each prison facility.

The state and federal prison profiles directory is a comprehensive collection of 1,890 state prisons and federal penitentiaries registered in the United States and enumerated by the US Bureau of Justice Statistics in their Census of State and Federal Prisons (2006).

  • Also search prisons by Year of Constrution.
  • Also search prisons by primary Security-Level.
  • If you are looking for county jails, see County & City Jails.
  • If you are looking for inmate searches, see Inmate Search.
  • If you are looking for a map of state and federal prison locations, see Prison Map.
  • Note: this prison has death row means this prison has a death row; with the given number of estimated death row offenders serving time in any given year.

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