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The following tests assess various aspects of mental health, and are intended to educate case-workers and corrections professionals on identifying diagnoses of personality disorders (psychopathy, aggression, schizotypy), mood disorders (depression, anxiety, bipolar, suicidal ideation), and psychoses among their clients. Recently-sentenced offenders usually complete a battery of offender intake questionnaires upon entry into prison. These assessments help case workers and correctional staff classify the offender to a given security-level for purposes of risk-assessment, and plan a course of training both inside the institution and upon re-entry into the community. The psychology of criminal conduct helps provide a framework for the use of these tools in the correctional environment. Some of them may also be used by clinicians asked to testify before a court as to a defendant's fitness to stand trial or as part of an insanity defence plea.

The mental health tests below can be completed online (10 minutes average), and include an assessment score and interpretation. They are intended for educational purposes, only. All data are collected anonymously for public-domain research. By using these tests you also agree to use them for research or educational purposes, as any other use or re-distribution is prohibited by the terms of the authors or copyright holders. Use of these tests implies consent to the terms and conditions of using this site. To save your test results to your profile, login first.



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