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California Psychological Inventory (Socialization Scale)

The California Psychological Inventory (Socialization Scale) measures socialization in order to predict criminal behavior and delinquency. It is a relatively well-researched and validated inventory that retains its reliability across several different populations, including both adolescents and adults. It has successfully differentiated between delinquent and non-delinquent groups in longitudinal studies, and has also been used to measure sociopathy/psychopathy. More generally, it reflects one's social maturity and personal integrity.

This test consists of 53 true/false questions and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Lower scores indicate a higher risk of delinquency.
Gough, H. G. (1969). California psychological Inventory—Socialization scale doi:
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Subscale 1: Positive interpersonal experiences, 11 items
My home life was always happy.
My home life was always very pleasant.
The members of my family were always very close to each other.
Sometimes I used to feel that I would like to leave home.
I have often gone against my parents' wishes.
My parents have often disapproved of my friends.
If the pay was right I would like to travel with a circus or carnival.
People often talk about me behind my back.
I go out of my way to meet trouble rather than try to escape it.
Life usually hands me a pretty raw deal.
I have had more than my share of things to worry about.

Subscale 2: Conformity and observance of convention, 12 items
In school I was sometimes sent up to the principal for cutting up.
I never cared much for school.
My table manners are not quite as good at home as when I am out in company.
It is pretty easy for people to win arguments with me.
I hardly ever get excited or thrilled.
It is very important to me to have enough friends and social life.
I sometimes wanted to run away from home.
I get pretty discouraged with the law when a smart lawyer gets a criminal free.
I never worry about my looks.
I have been in trouble one or more times because of my sex behavior.
I find it easy to "drop" or "break with" a friend.
My home as a child was less peaceful and quiet than those of most other people.

Subscale 3: Evaluation anxiety, 9 items
It is hard for me to act natural when I am with new people
Even the idea of giving a talk in public makes me afraid.
I get nervous when I have to ask someone for a job.
I have used alcohol excessively.
I often act on the spur of the moment without stopping to think.
When I meet a stranger I often think that he is better than I am.
With things going as they are, it's pretty hard to keep up hope of amounting to something.
Even when I have gotten into trouble I was usually trying to do the right thing.
I am somewhat afraid of the dark.

Subscale 4: Low self regard, 6 items
I often think about how I look and what impression I am making upon others.
Before I do something I try to consider how my friends will react.
I keep out of trouble at all costs.
I have never done any heavy drinking.
I would never play cards (poker) with a stranger.
I would rather go without something than ask for a favor.

Subscale 5: Superego strength, 9 items
I think I am stricter about right and wrong than most people.
My parents have generally let me make my own decisions.
I have never been in trouble with the law.
I would do almost anything on a dare.
As a youngster in school I used to give the teachers lots of trouble.
When I was going to school I played hooky quite often.
My parents never really understood me.
I seem to do things that I regret more often than other people do.
I often feel as though I have done something wrong or wicked.

Subscale 6: Poise vs. dysphoric moods and paranoid attitudes, 6 items
I often feel that I made a wrong choice in my occupation.
Most of the time I feel happy.
A person is better off if he doesn't trust anyone.
I used to steal sometimes when I was a youngster.
I know who is responsible for most of my trouble.
I don't think I'm quite as happy as others seem to be.



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