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Schizotypy Personality Scale (STA)

The Schizotypy Personality Scale (STA) is a test for schizotypal personality disorder. It measures the presence of schizotypal traits, such as psychotic episodes, irrational beliefs, cognitive disorganization, anxiety, reality distortion, blunted emotions, hostility and asocial behaviour, in non-institutionalized adults. The paranoid, schizoid, and schizotypal personality disorders in the DSM-IV lie at the less extreme end of the schizophrenic disorders. The STA is a subscale of the Schizotypal Questionnaire (STQ) developed by Claridge and Brooks (1984). It has 37 questions and can be completed in 5-10 minutes. Answer according to how you generally feel.
Claridge, Gordon, & Broks, Paul. (1984). Schizotypy and hemisphere function: I. Theoretical considerations and the measurement of schizotypy. Personality and Individual Differences, Vol 5(6), 633-648
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1. Do you believe in telepathy?
2. Do you often feel that other people have it in for you?
3. When in the dark do you often see shapes and forms even though there’s nothing there?
4. Does your own voice ever seem distant, faraway?
5. Does if often happen that almost every thought immediately and automatically suggests an enormous number of ideas?
6. Do you ever become oversensitive to light or noise?
7. Do you often have vivid dreams that disturb your sleep?
8. When you are worried or anxious do you have trouble with your bowels?
9. Have you ever felt when you looked in a mirror that your face seemed different?
10. Do you feel it is safer to trust nobody?
11. Do things sometimes feel as if they were not real?
12. Do you feel lonely most of the time even when you’re with people?
13. Do everyday things sometimes seem unusually large or small?
14. Are you often bothered by the feeling that people are watching you?
15. Do you feel that you cannot get ‘close’ to other people?
16. Do you dread going into a room by yourself where other people have already gathered and are talking?
17. Does your sense of smell sometimes become unusually strong?
18. Are you sometimes sure that other people can tell what you are thinking?
19. Have you ever had the sensation of your body or part of it changing shape?
20. Do you ever feel sure that something is about to happen even though there doesn’t seem to be any reason for your thinking that?
21. Do you ever suddenly feel distracted by distant sounds that you are not normally aware of?
22. Do you ever have a sense of vague danger or sudden dread for reasons that you do not understand?
23. Have you ever thought you heard people talking only to discover that it was in fact some nondescript noise?
24. Do your thoughts ever stop suddenly causing you to interrupt what you’re saying?
25. Do you feel that you have to be on your guard even with your friends?
26. Do you ever feel that your thoughts don’t belong to you?
27. When in a crowded room do you often have difficulty in following a conversation?
28. Do you sometimes feel that your accidents are caused by mysterious forces?
29. Do you feel at times that people are talking about you?
30. Do you believe that dreams can come true?
31. Do you ever feel that your speech is difficult to understand because the words are all mixed up and don’t make sense?
32. Are your thoughts sometimes so strong that you can almost hear them?
33. When coming into a new situation, have you ever felt strongly that it was a repeat of something that has happened before?
34. Have you ever felt that you were communicating with another person telepathically?
35. Are you easily distracted from work by daydreams?
36. Are you very hurt by criticism?
37. Do you ever get nervous when someone is walking behind you?


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