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Monday, February 16, 2015
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There is a country waiting for you, it is called Saudi Arabia.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

well i was visiting and the prisoner jumped on me just fucking attacked me man i was so pumped i started feeding him the left right
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

in alot of jails it is said that you baseically have to link up with a gang to survive.. is this true in Bowden????? and also i have read that people doing time who are convicted of sexual crimes against children are treated differently then those doing time for sexual crimes against adults, is this true???? i can see why, but a sex offender is still a sex offender.
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Thursday, July 03, 2014
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I got sentanced to B.I. when I was 15 ,that was in 1962,and I was put on the juvenille side which was a building at the rear.You didnt have a release date ,but either got out when you turned 16 (that was when boys were considered adults at 16 and girls at 18)or when the guards saw you were not in much trouble while there and you could get out in 6 months or so. The guards were mostly ex airforce guys from the area. They walked around with a strap in their back pocket which was used to try and keep us in line. For what was called a minor violation of the rules we usually got 2 whacks on each hand with the strap, and 5 for a major violation, or it could be up to 10 on the butt, but that was for those caught escaping,plus 10 days ( I think it was 10 days in the hole) . The hole was in the basement and I think there were 2 cells ,it was in the same room as the boiler and hot as could be. The guys in there got limited food and no desert or other goodies. I remember once a new guard was on duty where I was working in the kitchen and we piled all the icecream and cake on the tray going to the hole that we could. You also had to eat everything on your plate before leaviing the dinning room.The food was cooked on the adult side and sent over to our side in big steam carts.We used to go for exersice out in the back where there was a ball diamond and the remains of runways the airplanes used when it had been a airforce training base. I remember one kid I couldnt stand would tie mice and things to little bushes and set them on fire , a few years later when I was in Drumheller pen ,he was there too,and got 10 years for manslaughter along with 2 other guys for killing a guy who was in for raping his sister,( the dad was in P.A. pen for the same thing ,sadly they didnt kill him there, I was glad the rapo got killed and didnt care what happened to the guy who tortured animals. One of the killers was a friend on mine and I felt bad he got 10 years too.

One time in bowden when I was working in the kitchen I was sticking up for this little kid who was probably 13 and was being bullied by a guy my size. The bully wanted to fight so we exchanged a few punches and were wrestling around when someone said Mr Morphy was coming so we stoped fighting just as he entered. He wanted to know why we were breathing so heavilly and we said we were fooling around, thats when the little kid said come on ( and called me by name) tell the truth. He then proceeded to tell the guard what happened. Morphy looked at the bully and commented that he looked like he got the worsed of our scrap. We were then asked what we wanted our punishment to be , either 2 on each hand and be written up for a major violation,or 5 on the butt and get off with a minor violation,Since I was hoping to get out at christmas I chose the minor violation,so did the bully,even though his chances of ever getting out before turning 16 were nil.Mr Morphy took us to a locker room and had us drop our pants and

bare our butts. The bully was the first to get whacked ,I heard the strap whistle through the air and he let out a howl,then it was my turn for one. The belt whistled through the air but stopped short and kinda fell on my butt,I screamed anyway cause I thought it was coming full force. So it went back and forth ,till we got our 5 whacks, the bullies butt was crimson and purple, when I looked back at mine later in the shower I had only a bit of pink marks. Mr. Morphy had punished the bully but let me off,ha,ha. ( later the bully became a popular singer). I didnt smoke ,and we wern't allowed to smoke , I didn't care , but some of the kids used to tear pages out of our bibles and roll leaves up and smoke them. We had to go to school and it was by correspondense ,there was a guard in each classroom we could ask questions if we got stuck. I found it easy to learn that way, its the only time I liked school. The wardens of the juvenille side was called Sawatski, and later when I was in P.A. there was a Swatski in there too, I never mentioned the warden cause it never came up,but years later on the street his brother told me that was their uncel, I wondered what they would have thought in P.A. if they knew he was related,ha,ha. Every saturday we got out little pails and scrub brushes and on hands and knees scrubed every inch of floor , then after drying it we waxed it the same way, once it was waxed we got to polish iy with hand buffers, they were heavy steel brick kinda things on a steel pole that swiveled, you slid them from side to side and the brushes attached to the brick polished up the floor. We also had to make our beds army style each morning,and after cleaning windows and floors etc,we'd stand by our beds for inspection, then go down to school. I didnt mind it there cause where I was from there was no electrcity or gas or running water,( I was from the outskirts of Calgary). I didnt learn anything about crime in there , but learned what perverted things could be done to girls,the guys heard most of that stuff from older brothers. I still was a virgin, and probably most of the kids were too, but we lied a lot. I heard about oral sex and 69,and 88,plus dining at the Y, we all claimed to know all about that stuff. I got out at Christmas ,after about 6 months of being there. I was out for a few months then landed in Spyhill at 16. I stayed out till I was around 18 then got 18 months at Spyhill,but was transferred to B.I. this time on the adult side. B.I. was still a provincial joint then. When arriving at B.I.( a bus load of us from Spyhill,and lethbridge jail) we were told that since there were no bars ,fences or guards patrolling , that we could walk away anytime we wanted ,but we were on the honor system and we trusted not to escape. They said that if any of us just had to run away that we should notify the guards and they would pack a lunch for us and give us half an hour head start. Later on another load of new guys someone asked for the lunch and head start, he didn't get the lunch ,instead he got thrown into the hole and shipped back to the jail he came from. There was a female nurse who thought it a big joke to tell inmates who had something wrong to go soak their heasd in cold water as a cure. This was common knowledge that she prescribed that treatment, no doubt she laughed it up with the guards. One time an imate whos first name was Neil camplained of bumps on the back of his neck , she told him to soak his head in cold water , and he was doing it. We were in the same dorm,it had cubicles, most were open,but it was for the guys who got into less trouble. Anyway Neil soon took a turn for the worst and they took him to the hospital in Innisfail,he died of lukienia a few days later, I overheard one of the higher up gaurds yelling at the nurse ,that hed better never hear her telling anyone to soak their head again. Bowden was a great place for young guys we didnt have a lot of experience at crime like safe cracking or paper hanging Although I was in for cashing forged cheques I didnt print them or the fake drivers licence I used,Some older criminals got that for me and I gave them 4o percent of my take. So we mostly talked about our past employment and girlriends etc. Bowden Institution had almost every trade you could think of ,baking, cooking, welding, automotive ,and so on, I took welding and passed my first year apperentice ship n there.I didn't follow it up on the street but 20 or more years later ran into a couple of the guys in my welding class that followed it up,and were working at Fort Mac, pulling in pretty serious money. I had become a heavy equipment operator and did ok too. I was in Drumheller shortly after it opened ( the 370 guy there) and they had all those shops too,but I hear now no prison in Canada has trades you can learn, kinda to bad, especially for the young guys. I really enjoyed my time in B.I.'s adult side and missed the friends i made in there, but not enough to volunteer to return. Ii got out and became a career criminal,and around 1975 or so my friend got transferred from P.A. Pe to

Bowden which was now a fedral pen,I went up to visit him, it had a fence by then but the lobby part was the same , the old guards were put to a different job ,I think mostly watching the inmates , and they had other people in uniforms called L.U's I think it was. Jimmy said it was ok except to many rapos,and rats in for their own protection. Oh I almost fogot My good friend "Banjo" was his nick name, wound up in B.I. One day he decided to take the male nurse hostage and hole up in the hospital area, he demanded valium and was soon higher than a kite, I guess he eventually surendered and got sent to the "shoe" Special HanDling unit, otherwise known as Millhaven.. He told me a few great stories about the stuff there .It used to have a gymnasium in the old hanger .the roof wasnt to strong ,and there were telephone poles going from roof to floor right in the middle of the gym even, they had matresses wraped around them for protection. I got out of Drumheller in 1970 ,and after about 5 years of criminal activity which I loved at first, I started getting tired of it , I buddied notorious stool pigeon,who sold heroine and stayed out of jail by rating on other junk pushers, he was a super salesman and had at one time made his living buying used cars from new car dealerships ( older cars the dealer didnt want to sell) and he resold them from his house.I got him to introduce me to a few used car managers then I started selling cars too, it was so lucrative I didnt bother with crime after getting good at that. I still look at B.I. when I drive by,and get a lonley feeling kinda when I remember the guys I was friends with in there, Oh yeah there was no such thing as gangs back then, another thing With everyone crying that they were in there unjustly I thought I might be the only guilty guy there. If I was ever a genuine innocent man in any jail I was ever in ,he should have been there anyway for all those other crimes he had previously gotten away with , but I must say I dont believe innocent people get past a preliminary hearing.. We were all guilty,and bellonged there !!!

Bee:} wrote on Thursday, January 08, 2015

    i really injoyed reading your short story on past times and your expieriences of living the life... you shared it well said and i thank you for being able to share it like u did... :}

see my man is gunna b transfered to BI and i been reading up im curious on my visitation and curious on him being on the inside as well.... so again thanx for sharing hun :}
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Monday, May 12, 2014

They should have no rights after committing a crime !
greggohara wrote on Monday, February 16, 2015

    Move to Saudi Arabia, you ll fit right in!
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Monday, May 05, 2014

You know what some people are innocent and didnt do the crime it does happen so dont think it doesnt
wrote on Friday, May 30, 2014

    yes i have a loveone who is innicent and is in there. I am so sad that some people are so evil that they could set up an innocent person and send them there. shame on them!!!
darbie wrote on Thursday, August 21, 2014

    I do as well. My spouse has spent is entire life protecting women and children and was convicted without any preliminaries for date rape because he is an older man who allegedly had a prior conviction. When in reality she knew far more about street drugs and had the motive and opportunity!! I only hope she is using the $25,000 she should be getting from Victim Services for her son and is free of the R.A. gang now. We have helped many youth too and because of this at least some weaker guys are finding a mentor and protector as he can't stand bully's. By the way the victim had another male friend of her's convicted on the same charge before my husband's trial but nothing was said in court. It was as though a badly aiming 6 shooter was up against a flame thrower in a battle at the OK corral! Welcome to Alberta's justice system. Neither did the judge stand up to defend the accused from the killer ice queen Crown.

Then finally after years of delays and being remanded, and after a verdict in which the judge said she based her decision on his terrible defense and especially the prior offense the truth was exposed. During the sentencing, our one gun lawyer finally had found the paper work to prove there was no sexual assault before the conviction!! But judgment was already passed and so the truth was ignored. Thank God this nightmare of injustice is at least half over and our family and community can look forward to a man who has many times put his life on the line to keep females and children safe- and would still do it again.

Fortunately he is still a friend to the meek and weak and will continue to mentor men, whether in remand or Bowden and our prayers have been answered many times for the others he has helped with his canteen money and other selfless actions. My hope is that, now he is beyond the influence of a biased Crown who did all she could to stall the process for 3 years and neglected to find out the truth. I have known my beloved for 15 years and admire him so much for the endurance he has revealed in not hating and not killing. His grueling and suffering journey has produced a humble and compassionate man who is finding the identity of being " the better man" There is an expression that says " if it doesn't kill you, it will heal you" He has been a hero to many and may Bowden and Alberta start to treat him with the dignity, merit and justice he really deserves.
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Sunday, March 09, 2014
follow askimmel

As a whole the human race is not perfect. Each and everyone of us has made mistakes, bad decisions and choices that have effected our lives negatively. I think this forum should be used positively to acknowledge that some must be incarcerated for their mistakes. However, to use it to propagate ill will or demands for violence against another just defeats the purpose of REHABILITATION. It shows poor judgement on your part. "To err is human, to forgive, divine. " I ask you in the future to think before you speak Doug. Nothing good can come from it.
wrote on Monday, March 10, 2014

    I believe you would find it hard to find a parent of a child that has been violated nonetheless a victim that would agree with your statement. You make a mistake that hurts yourself is one thing but a mistake to an innocent trusting child is completely different. There is nothing positive about a sex offender and there is no forgiveness. This type of behaviour is not tolerated as a human race!!
A victim of a sex offender wrote on Tuesday, March 11, 2014

    I positively acknowledge that a sex offender should be incarcerated. I only wish it was forever! Each and every one of us has not made mistakes, bad decisions or choices that hurt and damaged children. "An eye for an eye". askimmel please do some research on the lasting long term effects of sexual offenders on its victims. It's beyond 2 years. You make light of "the mistake". These mistakes are calculated, planned and destroy lives. Stand up for victims not offenders. Thanks
Bernie wrote on Friday, March 14, 2014

    I agree . They should all rot in there!

wrote on Monday, March 17, 2014

    I wonder if askimmel knows the statistics on how many of these REHABILITATED sex offender/molesters reoffend! If a grown man doesn't know its wrong to violate a minor no amount of rehabilitation will make him understand the damage he has done! Capital punishment is the answer for these sick bastards!!!!!!!
wrote on Sunday, April 27, 2014

    There are a lot of people that get falsely accused because an ex is psych
wrote on Sunday, April 27, 2014

    Crazy bitch I meant
wrote on Friday, May 02, 2014

    True, however Mr. Kimmel was not falsely accused. He is a sex offender and deserves far more that our judicial system deems appropriate.
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Friday, February 21, 2014
follow Mandydaisy321

There is a dead best child molester there serving 4 years for touching a young girl. This is his second charge he did once did it twice and will do it again his release date is august of this year. Frederick marshal howse. Sick fuck hope you rot in hell!!!!!
Mandydaisy321 wrote on Friday, February 21, 2014

    I meant dead beat.
wrote on Sunday, June 01, 2014

    Even worse when an innocent man is set up and sent to do time for a crime that has not been committed! His wife cheating with another man and conduct this plan to put him away and sell off the entire possesions and life they built together for her own benefit??? Shame on you all!!! The maker knows everything and sees all!
Bitch wrote on Saturday, November 28, 2015

    Innocent I am afraid not lmfao. Words spoken of a true pedophile. Fucking loser. I hope you die a horrible death. Same shit different pile told me the same story. Never cheated in my life on any man. Should of though in your sorry ass cunt of a man if you call yourself one. Telling lies are you? Setting up your next victims? She must be stupid and full shit like your brain. I hope you fuckes die in a horrible wreck.
wrote on Saturday, November 28, 2015

    By the way. He never put a fine into anything lmao. !!!!!
wrote on Saturday, November 28, 2015

    Dime I meant.
wrote on Saturday, November 28, 2015

    Just make your little mind at ease. I did love that man he wrecked my entire existence. Took my niece's soul wrecked her for life. Believe what you want. Love turned to hate I FUCKKIG H A T E you !!!! Die mother fucker !!!
wrote on Saturday, May 28, 2016

    You can say whatever you want in your defence and respond with as many LMFAOs, cause your sarcasm makes our point well. You are truly one sorry for excuse of a woman, if that is what you call yourself, still your own family agrees that you were corrupt. ASK YOUR DAD HOW HE TRULY FEELS. still be proud cause we do believe you will be judged.....even with your nickname, TRAILMIX! TRAILMIX! TRAILMIX! You even put your new man away for his habit. CORRUPT CORRUPT CORRUPT
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Monday, January 27, 2014

I did time in Bowden in 1980, 2 years. it seemed like solid prison then wasn't aware of any pc. but there were bad staff!
vinnie wrote on Friday, April 25, 2014

    You were aware of pc because you were one of them,there is no such thing as a solid charge
wrote on Monday, May 19, 2014

    you don't know what yer talkin about, so shut up there were solid guys back then idiot.

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Thursday, January 09, 2014

I spent a many of years in Bowden with Kings crew and some Reaper, Rebels and some Diablos.

Co existance and know we all belong, in the world not behind bars
irishroots wrote on Thursday, April 24, 2014


My man who is correctly incarcerated is thinking of transferring to Bowden could anyone that has either a loved one inside or who has been thre themselves give me an idea as to the conditions programs way of life etc. He is in a max and moving to a medium so we are very excited about that and if it works out I will be heading west as well. Thank you in advance

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