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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I was 18 when I first went thru the loop at the Towers. I am white, and outside just about all my friends are black or brown. I knew county isn't the place to be colorblind, but I didn't know about all the race politics and bullshit. It doesn't take long to figure out the basics... dont have anything to do with blacks and asians. You can be cool with paisas and southside. If another wood is taking a beating, you jump in. if you break rules you get broke off by the 3 biggest. all that shit.

But DAMN I hate that holding tank with 30 motherfuckers that smell like shit and you stay there for 2 days all clogged up from pb and j so you dont shit too much. Fuck. by the time thats done getting to the dorm is like heaven. At least it is for like 5 minutes and then you realize you're still locked up.

Day one my dumb ass walked across the dorm with no shoes to throw some shit away. If you havent been to jail, that shit is not ok at all. so the white rep came to me and offered me a choice between 123 burpies or 10 seconds with the 3 biggest. he said next offense was 10 seconds. obviously i took the push ups i would work out all day anyway

I did about a month off of 180 days. Longest month of my life but i dont remember it that clearly. probably because i kind of shut off my mind as much as i could when i was in there. made sure i had no fear and no emotion. and i didnt. I was quiet for the first few days but i got used to it and got cool with all the woods and stuff. Started getting in on a couple cigs.

I had a girlfriend at the time who was a super good girl. Keep in mind we are both in highschool during this so im missing class and shit. She came to visit me which was cool of her. I didnt really have anything to tell her i was more interested in whatever she had going on. not usually the case because her life is boring. thinking about pussy too much in jail will mess you up. I wanted to fuck anything after that month. anything that had a hole to fuck. the butch female officers start to look bomb after a couple weeks.

the sheriffs are morally the worst people in jail. by far. fuck those fuck ass bitches thinking they are high and mighty with their sister-fucking stupid faggot self. guards would beat on people for no reason. curse at you all day. fuckin hoes.

In the end, I caught up with reading i hadnt done my whole life, got in pretty good shape, and i never want to be incarcerated again. i like it out here.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

blacks don't have a body odor you stupid ass fucker, white people do. Have you ever smelled a white person after rain hit there head? They smell just like dog hair when it get wet, how often you see white people dig in there ass and then cook there food, how many black mean have children with their child very few but nasty ass white people will fuck who ever in their family with there nasty ass. Fuck white people and there funky nasty ass.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

twin towers county jail in downtown L.a is a ugly feeling. i sat at a table to each my lunch & a older chicano came up to to
wrote on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

    that aint shit 9500 back in the days was the jungle u pussy
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Sunday, February 05, 2012
oon killer

the brotha talking shit is an idiot . fact is everybody hates the blacks in jail because their rude stupid people the only race that gets along with them are the asian s because thy both smell like shit.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"I am a paisa, and am sorry to admit it, Surenos, and paisas will not fight 1 on 1 with a mayate or wood, we only fight if its 10 or more against 1 or 2. Not only we have to put up with the pinche Guards rules, but we have to put up with the bullshit rules our own people puts in county jail, most of them don t make sense, like, making your bed, getting up to eat, and so on. We are bringing ourselves down, instead of making our time in jail easier. We (hispanics) are making it harder. There are the Surenos that think that shaving their heads and getting tatooes all over their bodies make them tougher, it only makes them look stupid. The smart ones wear longer hair and have no tattoos. Shaved heads and tattoos only make you a target for Police officers, might as well wear a shirt that says, I am a gang banger, and sell drugs .

Last time I was in County the Paisa s Rep, wanted us to beat another paisa because he did not make his bed, and refuse to take the punishment (126 push ups). The paisa (which happened to be a Puerto Rican) called him to fight one on one in front of everyone, and he (The Rep) backed down. The same shit happens with the Surenos; they will not fight one on one, and it s always 3 against one. They call it Breaking you .

The funny thing is that when they are out on the streets, they do not get along. They hate each other, they kill each other. But in the County they kiss each other s asses, and because there are so many of them, then now call themselves Surenos, and don t get along with Nortenos, which in most cases are under protective custody from the guards. "
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Friday, April 01, 2011
The Kid

"Ese Snapper From L.A -- I really enjoyed reading the things you had to say. People that haven t been there don t have a clue what kind of life is waiting for you on the inside. I myself have no clue as to what u must seen, heard, went through, ect. no one ever will but you. What kept me reading your story was the fact that you knew the true facts and didn t bullshit about them. I hate people that talk about things they have no idea about. Reading your story is all the proof I need to know you were there. People can do all the research they want but they will never have all the facts unless they been there.

I didn t come even close to what you did but in my mind while on the inside I felt I had reached a point where it couldn t get any worst. I found out the hard way I was wrong.

I pulled 13months in jail. I had never been ( caught ) involved with the law before and I was 38 years old. Sure I had done my share of breaking laws and if I had got caught at all them I would be in for another 38 years. I ve done the same things as far as shoplift, fights ( and I m small ) but I never would back down from a fight and still to this day I haven t. Oh hell yeah I have had my ass kicked to many times to remember but lucky I was still able to get up from them other then the few times I got up from a hospital bed.

No one likes to go to jail and most say they didn t do the crime. Sure I think there are some in jail and shouldn t be, but most either did the crime or had done a crime that they didn t get busted for.

I was one of the unlucky ones that was convicted of a crime I didn t do. I m not saying I shouldn t of pulled the time, I m just saying I was found guilty of beating a cop that I never put my hands on.

It all started out because I was at a party and a girl was being forced up against a wall. Well I haven t and never will stand by and watch that shit. So I stepped in. Turned out to be her husbands brother , who was one sorry ass that got mad for me stepping in and confronting his brother. I couldn t believe what I was hearing. Her husband was defending his brother who was forcing his self on his wife!!!!!! Of course it turned into a big fight and I got my ribs broke and face black and blue. The cops were called and I was arrested.

After telling the cops why I hit the guy the cops tell me they had heard from different people that this same guy had messed with his sister in law when she was a child. Why hadn t someone did something is what I was wondering. I got out on bail the next day and went looking them up. I found them and a lot of trouble to follow.

I got to talking to this girl and over the months she opened up to me and told me her brother in law had raped her when she was 12 years old. She told her mom and her mom covered it up. Well I didn t give up on her and it was my goal to make them pay. After about 2 years she left her husband and we started a relationship. She didn t think her father ever knew about her child hood. I Kept a recorder on me at all times. After being arrested again for going to her brother in-laws house just to tell him to never come near her again, but he had a couple buddies there and I got another ass kicking. I got out on bail the next day and went straight to her parents house. Remember I kept a recorder on me. I was able to get them to talk. It turned out her father did know and never did nothing but try to cover it up. While talking with them her father slipped up and told me she wasn t the only one. The same guy had done it to her cousin and that girls parents covered it up as well. I contacted the girl ( who is grown and married now ) and met with her. She agreed if I could get enough proof she would files charges and go to court against him.

So now I had 2 women this guy had raped as they were 12 and one 14. I still couldn t understand if the word had leaked out in this county and the police knew why had no one did anything. So that s when I felt like someone on the police force had to been helping them cover it up for some reason.

I knew most of the county police from growing up in this town so it wasn t no surprise to them when I started asking questions. I couldn t get any info for a couple of months then this one officer gave me a tip on something to look into. Wouldn t you know it, the damn freaking county D.A. was the one protecting all of them. It turned out he was a friend of the girls family. some friend huh.

So here I go popping up in his office and telling him I knew it all and some one would pay for it. ( didn t know it was going to be me ) I should had done more before going to him but I was so worked up about it.

He didn t reply to anything I had to say other then ( We are done here ) I lost my temper and cleaned his desk off with one arm and said no this is just the beginning.

A week later I had taken some shots of Jim Beame and got a call my daughter was in a wreck. So I did what any father would of done. I jumped in the truck and took off. Took off to a set up that is. They had paid a guy who claim to be a friend to contact them on anything he could get me on or anytime I took a drink. So they got me for a dui. was no biggy to me just made me hate them that much worse.

Problem was I didn t know who had set me up. I never thought of my buddy not one time. That is till a few weeks later I got another call from my son s wife saying she really needed to talk with me about my son and asked me to meet her at a pizza place. All was good till I pulled out and 9 freaking cops pulled me. Here I go back to jail with another DUI.

I should had left the D.A. alone many would say but I wasn t going to let him get away with it. I laughed at them all and told them to kiss my ass when I was released the next day on bail.

To sum this up a little the more that went on the more I started drinking. I was hitting the bottle pretty hard. All of this took place in a 5 month period. I had got like 6 DUIs. 2 resisting an arrest. I had hired a lawyer that cost me out the ass for him to just tell me he wanted me to take a plea of 14months in county jail and 7 suspended for just the 1rst!!!!!!! dui. Of course I told him in the court room he had lost his damn mind. I called a ( lets just say friend ) person and they were there in 20 min and had the charges dismissed on that dui. As time went on this friend went to court and was able to prove there was loop holes in the arrest and I won the first 3duis. Oh this did nothing but piss the D.A. off even more when I walked by him and said see u on the next court date lol Well sure enough he was there and my friend won again.

Then there came the really bad night. I was told I was being charge for hitting a cop and they were on the way to arrest me. I was drunk and told everyone to get out. I got my guns together and got in place to take action. I had made my mind up it was time to end this fight for once and last. Stupid me didn t put the bottle down, instead I kept hitting it harder. I heard someone enter and call my name. I knew it was them and fired 2 shots at him. He ran out and I passed out. When I woke up they had the swat team out side. Wasn t much I could do because I was to drunk to walk. So I called the girl I was with and told her to tell them to come on in I wasn t armed.

They arrested me and put me in the whole where they left me for 7 months. I have a lot of health problems and they knew by hitting and missing my meds it would fuck me all up so that s what they did. They were trying to get me to loose it and hit one of them but with the support of friends I was able to hold it together.

The D.A. did everything in his power to not let me talk to anyone or write to them. What he didn t know about was the recorder and all my notes. They were found while ( a friend ) was going through my stuff trying to find some way to help me. When he found all that he went public. The next day the D.A. had me sent to a private owned jail in Farmville Va. this is one of those jails u spoke about if u so much as say boo the guards would beat u down. I don t even remember how many times they beat me in the 3 months I was there. I stood up for those who others wouldn t and it cost me a lot of broking bones and pain. I don t regret it even though no one ever stood up for me. I know how to be a friend and have a friends back. I was out to prove to this D.A. he would not break me down or make me give the name of who went public with my stuff.

I was locked up with a person most know as syco Sam. Guess that was supposed to scare me huh. Well I had reached a point I didn t care if I made it out alive or not. I knew who had my recorder and notes and trusted in him to not let this D.A. get away.

When they found out I had figured away to get word to this friend and he get word back to me that sent me back to the county jail and put me back in the hole. I figured if they wanted to fuck with me and my meds. then they would pay the bills. I knew the county was on a tight budget so tight the department wasn t even allowed to make copies of paper unless they had to. Now that s tight.

So first thing I did was stop eating. Yeap 23 days with not a bite. I was put in the hospital ward where it ran up some high price bills. When I was put back in the hole they messed with my meds again. They didn t know I had found away to get my correct meds on the inside. So I let them think they had me all screwed up in the head and confused right on up to the date of court when they asked me to take a plea. I told them I would and once I was put b4 the judge I refused to plead guilty to the crimes. Talk about some shock people. The plea would of let me walk out of jail that day but that wasn t my goal. My goal was to make this D.A. pay for covering up what happened to those girls.

When the judge ask if I had been threaten or in any kind of way to take a plea I said yes the D.A. has threaten my life. Not by words but by haven the jail nurse change my meds from what they should of been to things that would be harmful to me with my health the way it was. There was 2 reporters in the court room. I had my friend see to it they were there. The judge was speechless for a couple of min. and then asked how did I want to plea. I said I don t plea guilty or not guilty. I ask the court to let someone stand for me and speak on my behalf. He said well done and ho might that be. so I had a ( that fiend ) Doctor step up and speak on my behalf and go into deep details about things he could prove to the court that my meds had been tampered with and the things that had been wrongfully done to me to break my amendment rights of the law. The D.A. face turn red as fire but when asked he had nothing he wanted to reply to.

Well back to the hole I went. A week later things started popping up in news papers all over every where. A couple days later after all this I was taken before the judge and offered time served on the account of 2 dui s and unlawfully shooting a firearm in a unoccupied building. I took the plea and walked out free.

As for the D.A. he resigned from his job. He is under investigation at this time. So time will tell what happens to him.

As for the girl I stood up for. Well she went running back to her husband while I was in jail because her family was turning their back on her saying it was her fault I started a war.

I ve only been out a little over a month and she has already contacted me asking me to forgive her that she wants to come back to me that he is being his old self again and treating her like shit. Only words I could say was I m sorry. You felt like u needed to go back and that s what you did. I did forgive her but I also know everything I did was out of love for her and she wasn t there to even support me when I was locked up and I now have to put this behind me and try to move forward in life.

I was beating many times as I stated above. So bad my doctor thinks the reason for my head hurting 24 7 is that my skull was cracked. I will find out this week after more test are ran.

For those of you that are like me and want to stand up for others I admire you for it. At the same time be prepared for what may come of it. I don t blame this girl for anything. I started this war between me and this county and it isn t over yet. I wonder if it ever will. Just be careful who your friends are and never put all your trust in them until they have proved themselves that they earn your trust.

If anyone has questions about any of this feel free to ask me at "
dude wrote on Friday, April 25, 2014

    What a huge pile of uneducated, white trash horeshit.
dude wrote on Friday, April 25, 2014

    Opps,i mean hispanic trash horseshit.
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Friday, November 20, 2009

I m hearing a lot about male guards raping female inmates because it s happening to the love of my life and it seems there is nothing I can do to help! She says If I try to do something the guards will beat her down and gang rape her. I ve called every organization on earth to try to help but nobody can do a thing and they all tell me she s right and don t call the jail for fear of retrobution by these sadistic guards. These guards remove women from their cell late at night well after lockdown and bring them to their office with no camera s and try to force them to comply if they don t all privledges are removed they get put on lockdown she s even had tampons denied. Can any ladies out there give me any advise or know of a way I can help my lady????? Oh by the way this is happening in orange county jail NY!!!!!!!!
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Friday, November 13, 2009

"I read the first couple of messages at the top of this storyline and laughed out loud at these Ese s. Scraps only act aggressive when they are in Packs of 10 or more. In jail for some reason they are lucky to be 10 to 1 on all races. The Whites uses scraps as slaves to attack the Blacks because they know that cant get the job done alone. If you re a true scrap and your reading this your probably getting pissed off right about now because these politics that I m about to spit are real. If you re reading this post and you re not a Sewer Rat you ll feel me, especially the brotha z.

I m sure scraps really do enjoy smashing on a brotha on the solo tip along with 10 other wetbacks because ya ll already know that shit wouldn t go down 1 on 1.

I did 3 yrs at CDC Salinas Valley State and everything was alright until the scraps started power tripping on the yard trying to tell the blacks with our tattoos that they didn t want us taking off our shirts when it was some 90 Degrees Out. That s when I knew we was going to have to get down with them because our culture is defiant to another group dictating what we can and can t do, its just the way it is.

They next day I walked out to the yard with my SharpiE ready to go because my shirt came off along with the rest of us, we got down with them it was the usual 90 scraps to 25 brothers and on everything I can guarantee we put it on they weak asses. I tried to go head up but if your from cali especially Southern Cali Scraps cant take an ass whooping 1 on 1 because Jorge will start throwing kicks while your beaten Enriques ass lol, and that s just the way it is.

Scraps tries to bully the low numbered groups and we isn t haven it, we play the role with scraps until we can get in well-positioned to strike back because the Correctional Officers aren t any help. I sometimes think some of those CO S are Ex Surenos the way the favouritism is. I mean I m only speaking from what I saw when I was locked down.

Scraps don t like us, but damn they will be cruising, bumping a 2Pac Cd. Scraps don t like us but damn they are rappers now sampling all mayates sounds and style..... Just stick to your Ramon Ayala and your Lupito Rivera Circus Music Hopping Around All Night Long Drinking your Coronas & Modelos Que No LOL :)

For the record I isn t got any hate for Mexicans, I just don t like scraps because of how they want to treat blacks in jail due to the short numbers on our end. I mean look at the Ese s Post at the top, he use to play football with the brothers back in the day but because he s weak minded and he got mind fucked behind the walls he hates all blacks now lol....... God bless them Scraps because if the tables ever get turned........Porblicito:)

I m not on this site to bang because that s weak, just on here stating facts and my experience behind the walls. "
Lee baca wrote on Tuesday, August 26, 2014

    do you have any idea what would happen if you monkkeys Didn't have us to tell you what to do let me tell you.._you would braid each others hair and pray on whoever is smaller then you ._and let me ask you a ? what the fuck is a funna
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

"I have never been to jail, but seems like I ve spent most of my life visiting one. First with my dad, then with my friends and finally with my boyfriend. I hate to say it but I give up on him. After years of being their by his side I can take no more. All in all we have really been together for 2 1/2 years, the rest he has been in and out of jail. Between N.Y, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas he has more than 11 felonies all together. I will never put him down as a person or a man (I still have mad love for him) but I want every man out their to know that when you come across a good woman that s when it s time to quite all your crap and hold on to that one person who is willing to lie down for you.

Between commissary $, visiting every visitation day, lawyer fees, bond fees, court visits for support, letters, and phone $ so he could call I was barely making it. Every time he came home he had new clothes, new shoes, fitted caps, cologne, chains, all the expensive good shit. I always had this image of him coming home as a new man, and you know what they say, new man new clothes. This was an every time situation, I wanted him to look good to feel good.

The honeymoon stage only would last a couple of days maybe a week if I was lucky and then he would be out doing his same bullshit again. Smoking crack and stealing, pimping hoes for crack $..ect. The sad part is I don t even smoke weed. I would not sleep just thinking he could wined up dead. He would call me every night around 3 or 4 in the morning to tell me he loved me and check in with me. I would go out looking for him out on the block and would always seem to find him, he would come home, I would shave him, feed him, love him, he would shower and sleep for 2 whole days sometimes. I would come home from work to find him gone again.

I always knew when he got caught because I would get this stomach turning sensation (we were connected that way) and sure enough I would receive that dreadful call saying you have a collect call from the ****** County jail?. Funny thing he never called his mother or sisters, always me. They never went to see him or write him. His mom went only once to see him and only after me begging her and me driving her their. I could always sleep better knowing he was in jail. It was like I knew that he could hold his ground and he was safe, (at least I knew where he was) Every thing I did revolved around him and how he would feel. He knew I never cheated on him, not once.

I was determined to help him get over his addiction. The only problem was that he was not ready. People have to understand that no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do and how you do it, if the addict is not ready, it s not going to happen. He came home for the last time on Sep.6, 2009. I say the last time because he will never come home again, not our home at least. Everything was good, better than before. He was going to N.A. meetings, looking for a job, spending time with both his family and mine (something he had never done) I was happy for the first time in a long time.

On Sunday everything turned, he started getting very antsy and I could tell he was craving the drug all over again. It was right past midnight and I told him to call his mother or a sponsor or to talk to me or watch a movie or anything that might help him get his mind off the drug, get through this episode of yearning. He apparently was determined to get high because for the first time in our relationship he beat me.

First he started on my face, busting my lip and nose. It amazes me how the whole time I kept calm telling him to please stop and look at what you are doing, oh GOD please, just calm yourself down. He pushed me around a couple times leaving bruises all over my arms as I used them to protect myself against his blows. My back, stomach and legs also were bruised before he finally tackled me like a quarterback and ended up breaking my foot in 3 different places. He took me to the hospital only to drop me off at the emergency room and took off in my truck. My foot was broken along with my pride and heart.

That was the end of US. Needless to say he called me to tell me TE AMO?.from jail. I hung up.

Ladies, stick by your man, love him, build him, support him, but if he ever beats you, leave him.

Men, drugs and the fast life wont get you anywhere but jail. Learn to appreciate your woman and stay by her side, if you don t someone will. Remember jail is addicting and once you are hooked it s hell getting out."
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Monday, August 24, 2009

"I did time in la county jail in 1980,20 years later busted for nanufacturing,after that JESUS changed my life,i can tell you there is no worse hell on this earth than LA county jail,and the deputys will kill you just for looking at nothing,i saw it,i would have rather did a prison term than spend 2 weeks in that hell,one time we played name game for 14 days going from room to room back to the hall.going in circles for weeks,because there was no where to even sit,during that melee,deputys beat the hell out of alot of us,then we beat eachother,if we got any food during the day it was horrible,but you ate it because you were starved,i wouldnt wish that hell on anyone,"
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