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Academic interest in forensic psychology has expanded considerably in the last two decades. While the first official criminal profile by a medical professional became known by Dr. Bond in the 1880's during London's Jack the Ripper case, forensic psychology began to surge in popularity during the early 1990's, probably as a result of several successful films and tv series (i.e. "Cracker", "Silence of the Lambs", "Seven", "The X-Files", etc) featuring for the first time in mass media the criminal psychology themes and forensic environments we are so familiar with today. The role of psychology in criminal investigations remains highly-regarded for its scientific objectivity and ability to provide sensitive insight into rare and someties bizarre behaviors. Liverpool University's Institute of Investigative Psychology was one of the first universities to capitalize on this media interest in 1992, and since then, the capacity at universities has struggled to sufficiently meet the demand. As a result, competition in forensic psychology programs is still very high.

Most graduate schools in forensic psychology should attempt to cover what Varela and Conroy (Professional competencies in forensic psychology, 2012, PPRP) consider the six functional domains of any sound forensic psychology program: a) assessment, b) intervention, c) consultation, d) research, e) supervision-training, and f) management-administration. Below is a list of universities and schools offering diplomas, degrees, and certificates in forensic psychology. If you have a resource you'd like to add to this page, leave a comment below.

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