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Trinitarios: Prison Gang Profile

trinitarios prison gang mapFor a map of prison locations and a list of gang reports, see Trinitarios Prison Gang Reports

The Trinitarios, a family also known as 3NI, started in the late 1980s in the New York state prison system. It is most frequently associated with the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. El Caballon is known to be the creator of today's Trinitarios, and is currently serving 25 years to life in Sing Sing prison. He started out serving time at Rikers Island.

In early February of 1884, Juan Pablo Duarte, Francisco Del Rosario Sanchez and Ramon Matias Mella agreed to form the secret society, Trinitaria Identity, to help make the Dominican Republic independent. During this time, the country was under a degree of foreign control by countries like Haiti, Spain, France, and England. Haiti owned Santo Domingo until it gained independence in February of 1844. Ramon M. Mella launched the trabuscazo in the Puerta Del Conde, mobilizing the struggle for independence. The United States ruled the Dominican territory with a military government from 1916 to 1924, during which time the country experienced measurable economic improvements (wikipedia).

In homage to that same spirit of independence, a group of Dominicans that now call themselves the Trinitario formed in New York City to defend the rights of Dominican prisoners in the United States, following the slogan "Dios, Patria y Libertad" or "God, Fatherland and Liberty," the words printed at the centre of the country's flag.

The organization includes members from all ethnic backgrounds, not only Dominicans. They have been known to recruit many Puerto Ricans and South Americans.

They are sometimes known as "Patria," the term used when greeting each other. They are not affiliated with any other gang, nation, or organization.

While many members describe the Trinitarios as a family, established as a means for self-defence, the Passiac Herald News calls the Trinitarios " a criminal street gang [who] are organized...[with] a hierarchy and a chain of command. Members have been involved in crimes of all sorts -- drug distribution, assaults and home invasions." (link)

In prison, Trinitarios have been reported by users in several different countries, with factions across South America, the Caribbean, Europe and North America, with particular influence in the east coast of the United States. In prison, they have so far they been reported in:

On the street, they have been reported in:

Rivalries have been reported with:




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