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Baker, Louisiana | Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter Statistics

Baker is a city located in Louisiana, and has a population of 14,022. It has a rate of 7.13 (per 100,000 people) for Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter, which is higher than the national average. This means that your chances of becoming a victim of Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter in Baker is 1 in 14025, if you reside there for a year. Below are crime statistics for Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter, according to the FBI's National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS), 2010-2011. For more general crime rates for even more cities, counties, and regions across the US, see Crime Rates by City.

Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter Statistics

Statistic Baker USA
Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter Rate 7.13 (per 100,000) 1.16(per 100,000)
Average Victim Age 19 38.1
Typical Location Residence/Home Residence/Home
Typical Time of Day 9:00 PM 4:00 AM
Typical Victim Boyfriend Acquaintance
Typical Weapon Knife/Cutting Instrument Knife/Cutting Instrument
Typical Victim Race Black White
Typical 1st Injury None None
Typical 2nd Injury None None
Typical 3rd Injury None None
Note: crime statistics are estimates only and should be considered at your own risk. Data may not be representative, especially for rare crimes with small sample sizes or for lesser-populated regions. For more information on the National Incident-Based Reporting System, see the FBI's NIBRS Technical Specification.

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