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The Indian Posse probably began around 1990, mostly inside Stony Mountain Institution. Members are Aboriginal, White or Black, and all live by "blood in and blood out" doctrine common to many US prison gangs.

The Indian Posse was featured in the film Stryker, Canadian-director Noam Gonick's 2004 film about Native street gangs in the Canadian Praires. Stryker highlights the turf war between the Indian Posse and the Asian Bomb Squad, a North-End Winnipeg street gang, specifically covering the lives of each gang's prominent members. Gonick portrays Native Canadian street gangs as "armies of resistance," as methods of self-protection for disenfranchised youth that emerge following state-minority uprisings such that of Oka, Quebec in the 1990s (reference). Gonick, in an interview with the Indian Posse members during the filming of the movie, quotes them as saying “it’s about time someone gave us the respect to make a movie about us.” The term "Stryker" is slang for a prospective gang member.

In prison they have made headlines in:

According to users , the Indian Posse mainly claims territory in Samson Reserve and Louis Bull Reserve of Hobbema, Alberta, while Redd Alert mainly claims Ermineskin Reserve. However, some Redd Alert members also reside in Samson, Montana, and Louis Bull reserves. According to users, Locolz in Winnipeg is in a rise together with the Indian Posse and Krazies.



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