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The Crips started as a street gang in Los Angeles when Raymond Washington and Stanley Tookie Williams set up the gang in 1969 in East Los Angeles. Stanley Tookie Williams was co-founder of the Crips when he was only 17 years old, and given the death penalty in San Quentin State Prison, California on December 13, 2005. Raymond Washington, co-founder, was murdered in 1979.

The Crips spread to Texas prisons in the 1980s.

Like the Bloods, because the Crips have no written constitution, they are officially labeled a "security threat group" in prison, not a gang.

Some have said the word "Crip" allegedly came about after a woman in a Los Angeles housing project filed a report against two young teenage thieves, (including founding member Raymond Washington) descrtibing one of her assailants as a "crip with a stick," meaning a cripple with a cane. However, other sources indicate that the word derives from "Crib," from the Baby Avenue street gang that became the Avenue Cribs gang, located in the Central Avenue area of Los Angeles in the late 1960s.


Rivalries have been reported with:
  • Bloods
  • Latin Kings
  • some Hoover Crips members have clashed in the past with members of the 18th Street Gang, however user sources indicate that they are not rivals, and actually share the same hood.
  • Trinitarios

Prominent Locations

Hundreds, if not thousands, of incarcerated members, mostly African American, operate in Southern California and across North America, including:

Various youth detention camps in California have also historically housed both Crips and Bloods members, including:

As of 2005, 30,000 Crips street members were operating in 221 cities across the nation. About 12,000 street members operated in Los Angeles about 1,000 lived in New Jersey as of 1996, where they had operated a stronghold in East Orange. There is also a "Long Beach Crips" chapter that have been reported to operate in Colorado prisons, with a faction called the "Ruthless Ass Gangsters" in Prospect Lake, Colorado. The Columbia Villa Crips operate out of Portland, Oregon. Over 300 members allegedly reside in Price, Utah.

Crips began to spread to Canada in the early 1990s. In Ontario, Toronto's North York was early known to carry the New Born Crips, and Toronto's Islington and Rexdale neighborhoods have also been active Crips turfs reported by user sources. A 1997 murder of a 14 year-old teen in Victoria, BC was later attributed to the Crips. The East Side Crips have been reported in East Kildonan, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The full breadth of the Crips cannot be captured here, but to view and submit locations of individual chapters, see the "Factions" section below.


Factions have included:

  1. 132nd Shotgun Gangsta Crips aka (tha duece) located in the Bronx, Castle Hill area of New York. The 133rd Paybacc Crips are also located here.
  2. 177th Kitchen Crip Alliance (k.c.a) - started in 177th Parkchester, New York. The o.g. was 16 at the time with members as low as 9 years old. 60 active members were in it.
  3. 187 Crips, South Dallas, Texas, and California
  4. 187 (e.c.w) Eastside Crip Warriors started in 2003 in Monroe County, New York.
  5. 209 Laos Crips - a Laotian gang in Central California
  6. 287 Lao Boyz Crips based out of Oklahoma City, OK
  7. 52nd H.G.C. (5 Deuce AKA Hoover Gangster Crips - reportedly the only Hoover gang that stayed Crip without going to Criminal)
  8. 52 Hoova Crip Gang - Port Arthur Texas
  9. 619 Crips, Laotian gang in San Diego, CA
  10. 74 Hoover Criminal Gang - Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC
  11. 83 Killer Gangsta Crips
  12. 98 M.S.M. - 98 Main Street Eastside, South Central. Mafia Crip Gang
  13. Asian Boy Crips, a Hmong gang based out of Twin Cities, MN
  14. Asian Boyz (ABZ), Sioux Falls, SD
  15. Asian Crips, a Hmong gang reported in Twin Cities, MN, but reportedly based out of Fresno, California
  16. Asian Neutral Boys (ANB) crip set in Wausau, Wisconsin
  17. Asian Royal Crips
  18. Atlanta Drive Crips
  19. Avenue King Crips (Lynn, MA)
  20. Bad Boy Crips, a Hmong gang based out of Milwaukee and Sheboygen, WI
  21. Bay Mills Crips, Scarborough, Ontario
  22. Black Mob Crips (BMB)
    1. According to user sources, the Black Mob Crips have bases of operations in Los Angeles, New York, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and Detroit
    2. Lithia Springs High School gang in Lithia Springs, Georgia, associated with the Crips. A BMB gang has also been reported in Jacksonville, North Carolina.
  23. CVC Crips (Clarview Crip). According to user sources, this is the largest Crip set in Edmonton,
  24. Certified Gangstas (CG) - Crip gang in Southside Fort Worth, Texas
  25. Compton Crips
  26. Crack Down Posse, Montreal faction that began in the early 1990s
  27. Crip Cartel
  28. Crip Queens, a female Hmong gang in Twin Cities, MN
  29. Crip Rydaz, Hmong gang in Oklahoma and Wasau, WI
  30. Dangerous Oriental Crips, Laotian gang in San Diego, CA
  31. EastSide Crazy Oriental Thugz (C.O.T). Began in San Diego, California, on 38th st., 46th st. and 50th st.
  32. Eastside Disciples Crips, Vancouver, BC
  33. Eastside Mafia Crips, allegedley to have begun activity in 2007 in the eastend of Ottawa.
  34. Eastside Parkside Gangsta Crips (p.s.g.c) (started in the Bronx, Castle Hill section of New York with rivalry reported with the Westside Piru Bloods
  35. Eight Tray Gangster Crips (began 1974)
  36. Fairfax
  37. FCB ( Full Clip Boys ) Crip gang based in Michigan
  38. Four Corner Bloc Crip (4CBC) - Long Beach, CA
  39. G-$tone Crips
  40. Ghetto Boys, a Toronto set in Jamestown
  41. GSC - Ghetto Soldiers Crips, Toronto, Ontario
  42. Glendower Crips - Scarborough, Ontario gang, rivals of the Bay Mills Crips.
  43. Grape Street Crips
  44. Graveyards
  45. Great Grand Master Crip, California
  46. Harlem 30's, LA, California
  47. Hilltop Crip Gang (HTGC) - "very frequent" inside Shelton Correctional Facility, Washington, with numbers approximately 50-100. Also reported inside Mcneil Islands Correctional Center, Washington, but only low frequency and not more than 20 members.
  48. Hoover Crips (covering 43rd to 112th streets in L.A.)
  49. Hoova Duece Crips, Houston, TX
  50. Imperial Courts Crips
  51. Inglewood Village Crips, Inglewood, California
  52. Insane Deathrow Gangsta Crips
  53. Insane Crip Gang - locations needed
  54. Jamestown (Doomstown) Crips, in Toronto's Jamestown, rivals with Rexdale's Mount Olive Crips since 2000.
  55. Junior Crips, another set in Toronto
  56. Lake Como Crips (LCC) - Based on the westside of Fort Wort, Texas
  57. Kansas Street Crips
  58. Kerby Blocc Crips
  59. Killa Code Regime Crips, Queens NY
  60. King Mafia Crip, a Hmong gang based out of Twin Cities, MN
  61. Kitchen Crips (from Central Avenue to Compton Ave. in L.A.)
  62. la Cinco Tras Familia (Five Three) - West end, Lakeshore Blvd West and Mimico Ave, in Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario
  63. Lao Boy Crip, a Laotian gang based out of Dallas, TX
  64. Lao Crip, a Laotian gang based out of Orange County, CA
  65. Lao Pride Gangsta Crips (multiple states) noted in St. Louis, Missouri, and Rhode Island
  66. Ledbury-Banff Crips - The Ledbury Banff Crips allegedly began in 1999 in the South end of Ottawa as the "Junior Crips")
  67. LDP Providence Crips, based in providence, RI
  68. Linda Vista 13 TLS (LV 13 TLS)
  69. Loco Crip, a Hmong gang based out of Twin Cities, MN
  70. Lay Low Crips (the largest Crips sets in Salt Lake City in the 1990s)
  71. LCB ( Locos Baddest Crip) based in Wausau Wisconsin
  72. Mafia Crips (MC's), reported in Edmonton, Alberta
  73. Main Street Mafia Crips, Los Angeles, CA - Michael Rowles helped found the gang while still in his early teens
  74. MOD Menace of Destruction - Hmong gang since 1979
  75. Neigborhood Crips Los Angeles,CA
  76. Oriental Boys Soldiers (OBS44 OBS50 OBS47) - San Diego Cambodian Crip gang
  77. Outlaw Crips (around Central Avenue and Vernon in L.A.)
  78. Mansfields
  79. Mother Natures Mistakes - a Toronto set of the Crips in Jamestown, Toronto
  80. Mount Olive Crips, a Rexdale, Ontario set, and rivals with the Doomstown (Jamestown) Crips since 2000.
  81. New Born Crips - a Toronto group that developed in the early 1990s, which, as of 1998, had 70 known members.
  82. Nutty Block Crips, in Los Angeles
  83. Oriental Killer Boys, Laotian gang in San Diego, CA
  84. O.B.G.N.S.C= Original Baby Gangster Northside Crip, Columbia, S.C., also known as the Northside Loccs.
  85. Oriental Mobster Crips, Laotian gang in San Diego, CA
  86. Original Gangster Crips - noted in the early 1990s in Little Rock, Arkansas, Once rivals of the Westside Bloods.
  87. Parc Village Compton Crips
  88. Piatt street Gangster Crips, 19th street, Wichita KS.
  89. Renegade Nieghborhood Crips (Manhattan, Harlem, Lennox ave, NYC)
  90. Rich Town Crips, a mixed Hmong-Laotian gang based outof Central California
  91. Rollin 20 NHC (R20^llin) known in Cincinnati, Ohio and West Covington, Kentucky
  92. Rollin 20s - Long Beach
  93. Rollin Sixties
    1. Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crips, some members relocated from Los Angeles to start a hood in Cincinnati, Ohio
  94. Ruthless Lao Posse, Laotian gang in San Diego, CA
  95. Queen Street
  96. Santana Block Crips - noted in Folsom State Prison
  97. Saskatoon West Side Crips
  98. Smurfs - Soldiers Must Use Ruthless Force, a Crips set founded in New York in the 1970s. Reported also in Los Angeles and New Orleans.
  99. South Side Crips
  100. Tiny Oriental Crips, Laotian gang in Linda Vista, CA, San Diego, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arkansas, North Carolina, Kansas City, and Texas.
  101. Tongan Crips (now the largest Crips set in Salt Lake City)
  102. Totally Gangster Crips, a Hmong gang in Wisconsin
  103. Totally Mafia Crips, a Hmong gang in Wisconsin
  104. True Asian Crips, a Hmong gang in Wisconsin
  105. True Califronia Crips - Orange County, New York, and across the east coast
  106. True Crip Gangster, a Hmong gang in Twin Cities, Minnesota
  107. True Local Crips, a Hmong gang in Twin Cities, MN
  108. True Lady Crips, a female Hmong gang in Twin Cities, MN
  109. Underground Gangster Crips (UGC) - Indianapolis
  110. Uzi Crew Crips - Toronto, Ontario
  111. Versai Gangsta Crips (VGC), New Orleans
  112. Westside Crips, a Hmong gang in Eau Claire, MN
  113. Westend Mafia Crips, in Birmingham, Alabama
  114. West 59th Street Hoova Crips, Baltimore, Maryland cased off of 8 Trey, 83rd Street, Los Angeles
  115. Winton Terrace Crips, based in Cincinnati, OH



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