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Borderline Personality Scale

The Borderline Personality Scale (STB) is the second subscale of the Schizotypy Questionnaire (STA). It consists of 18 items measuring borderline personality traits in the general population. "Borderline" traits are considered those thought to reflect unstable responses and emotions, (such as anger together with ambivalence or self-destructive impulses), which overall resemble anti-social personality traits, as opposed to the more "schizophrenic" symptoms measured by the schizotypal scale (STA). The borderline and schizotypal subscales of the schizotypal questionnaire form part of the broader construct of psychoticism, as conceptualized best by Eysenck's Psychoticism (P) scale. Generally, results on the STA and STB scales are correlated with one another, but they are intended to measure separate aspects of psychoticism.
Claridge, Gordon, & Broks, Paul. (1984). Schizotypy and hemisphere function: I. Theoretical considerations and the measurement of schizotypy. Personality and Individual Differences, Vol 5(6), 633-648. doi: 10.1016/0191-8869(84)90111-9, © 1984 by Elsevier.
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Item Yes No
1. Do you often feel the impulse to spend money which you know you can’t afford?
2. Do you often change between intense liking and disliking of the same person?
3. Do you frequently have difficulty in starting to do things?
4. Do you hate being alone?
5. Do you often experience an overwhelming sense of emptiness?
6. Do you at times have an urge to do something harmful or shocking?
7. Do you at times have fits of laughing or crying that you can’t control?
8. Do you often have periods of such great restlessness that you aren’t able to sit still for more than a very short time?
9. Do you frequently gamble money?
10. Does life seem entirely hopeless?
11. Do you often have the urge to hit someone?
12. Have you ever felt the urge to injure yourself?
13. Do you often overindulge in alcohol or food?
14. Do you often feel like doing the opposite of what other people suggest, even though you know they are right?
15. Do you often feel that there is no purpose of life?
16. Do you ever have the urge to break or smash things?
17. Do you ever have suicidal thoughts?
18. Are your thoughts about sex often odd or bizarre?


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