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Recent events, organized by category (below) or region/state (right), concerning the corrections industry in Maryland. Comments, suggestions and contributions (below) appreciated.


Education & Rehabilitation

No recent news for Maryland in this category.

Executions, Death Row & the Death Penalty

No recent news for Maryland in this category.

Gangs in Prison

Health & Medical Treatment

  • Behind the yellow door, a man’s mental illness worsens
    Everyone is worried about the man in the house.

    His ex-wife, his mother, his father, his neighbors, the psychiatrists he has seen and no longer sees, they are all concerned because he has been alone in the house in suburban Maryland for two years....[more]

Prison Classification, Placement, & Release

Prison Conditions & Corruption

  • An escape route for Maryland’s bad cops
    MARYLAND WAS disgraced last year by a scandal at the Baltimore jail in which violent prison gang members colluded (and in some cases had sex) with corrupt correctional officers to engineer a virtual takeover of the facility. A contributing factor in the breakdown of order was that jail management found it all but impossible to discipline guards suspected of misconduct, thanks to a state law that guarantees them elaborate procedural safeguards....[more]

  • Lawmakers to be briefed about Baltimore jail
    BALTIMORE (AP) - Members of a panel of lawmakers who are looking for ways to prevent contraband from getting into a Baltimore jail are taking a tour of the facility....[more]

  • Gansler says ‘independent’ probe needed of troubled Baltimore jail; O’Malley declines an invitation to appoint a special counsel
    Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler (D) suggested Monday that Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) appoint a special counsel to conduct an investigation into the scandal at a Baltimore jail, arguing that other inquiries underway are not ......[more]

  • Sixth Former Roxbury Correctional Officer Pleads Guilty, Admits Assault of Inmate and Cover-up Conspiracy
    Jeremy McCusker, a former correctional officer at Roxbury Correctional Institution (RCI) in Hagerstown, Md., yesterday pleaded guilty to assaulting an inmate and conspiring with other officers to cover up that assault. McCusker is the sixth former RCI officer to enter a guilty plea in federal court. According to court documents filed in connection with his guilty plea, McCusker admitted that, during the midnight shift on March 8-9, 2008, he, Lanny Harris, Philip Mayo and two other RCI officers were involved in an assault of an inmate, identified by the initials K.D. McCusker acknowledged that he and other RCI officers assaulted K.D. in ...[more]

    Twenty-one prison guards at the Maryland House of Correction were implicated in contraband smuggling and other corrupt activities in ...[more]

Prison Life & Culture

Riots, Lockdowns & Escapes

Suicides in Prison

No recent news for Maryland in this category.

Workplace & Industry News, and Science & Tech News



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