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Recent events, organized by category (below) or region/state (right), concerning the corrections industry in Pennsylvannia. Comments, suggestions and contributions (below) appreciated.


Education & Rehabilitation

  • Substance abuse programs, under fire at Northampton County Prison, to be reviewed
    Northampton County officials agreed this week that a closer overview of the county prison's multimillion-dollar substance abuse programs was needed after an audit called their success rate into question.

    Controller Stephen Barron reviewed for county council an audit of the Community Education Centers programs offered at the prison. According to the company's own statistics, about 40 percent of graduates wound up back in Northampton County Prison, he said Thursday....[more]

  • Congress advances earlier release for convicts - One-sixth of prison population eligible
    Legislation moving through Congress that could result in the early release of an estimated 34,000 federal prisoners has judges and probation officials both intrigued and concerned....[more]

Executions, Death Row & the Death Penalty

No recent news for Pennsylvannia in this category.

Gangs in Prison

Health & Medical Treatment

  • Pennsylvania courts struggle to intervene early with heroin addicts
    The state won't pay to send addicts who have committed low-level crimes and have scant or no criminal records to drug court, which would provide treatment when they have the best chance, experts say, of turning their lives around.

    The state's Intermediate Punishment grant focuses on more serious offenders.


  • Counselor strives to help inmates with mental health
    Tate, treatment supervisor at the Blair County Prison, and others associated with lockup have vowed to do something to address the burgeoning number of inmates with mental health conditions who are entering the prison system or who develop symptoms behind bars....[more]

  • Mentally ill Philly man leaves prison after seven years of waiting for a trial
    Marvae Dunn was wheeled out of the Philadelphia Detention Center on Monday morning, ending a remarkable seven-year stay that advocates said underscores how the prison system has become a de facto hospital for elderly and mentally ill inmates....[more]

  • Bill would expand involuntary commitment options for mentally ill people
    Involuntary commitment options for people with serious mental illness would be expanded in legislation introduced by U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy, addressing longstanding frustration of families and others with loved ones who are mentally ill, but too sick to understand their problem....[more]

Prison Classification, Placement, & Release

  • Prison recidivism rate falling in Pa.
    WASHINGTON — Fewer Pennsylvania offenders are returning to prison, according to a new report commissioned by the Justice Center of the Council of State Governments.

    On Thursday, the center recognized Pennsylvania and seven other states for their progress on reducing recidivism rates. In Pennsylvania’s case, the three-year recidivism rate decreased by 7.1 percent over the last six years....[more]

  • Brian O'Neill: DeWeese sees corrections lacking in prison system
    Bill DeWeese, one of two Pennsylvania House speakers who went from the statehouse to the big house, is expected to be paroled from prison this morning after 221/2 months inside....[more]

Prison Conditions & Corruption

No recent news for Pennsylvannia in this category.

Prison Life & Culture

  • Regret, relief draw former inmates to Philadelphia prison reunion
    PHILADELPHIA, May 4 (Reuters) - William Harrison knows the Eastern State Penitentiary all too well, having spent years locked up in the imposing fortress that today is a popular tourist attraction in Philadelphia....[more]

  • Photo exhibit offers look into the lives of prisoners
    "They don't like photographers to come in, especially those who come in and say, 'I just want you to let me in and not have any editorial control over what I'm doing,' " said the San Francisco-based photographer.

    After years of documenting the lives of detectives, prosecutors, and police, Gumpert persuaded a local sheriff to open the jails to him and his camera....[more]

Riots, Lockdowns & Escapes

  • Pa. inmate charged with strangling cellmate
    WAYNESBURG, Pa. (AP) - A prison inmate has been charged with criminal homicide in the strangulation death of his cellmate at a western Pennsylvania prison earlier this year....[more]

Suicides in Prison

No recent news for Pennsylvannia in this category.

Workplace & Industry News, and Science & Tech News

  • Philly prisons: What about the good guys?
    I APOLOGIZE to the corrections officers and supervisors who felt tainted by yesterday's story about Michael "Fat Mike" Davis, who died after an incident at the Philadelphia Detention Center....[more]



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