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Recent events, organized by category (below) or region/state (right), concerning the corrections industry in Montana. Comments, suggestions and contributions (below) appreciated.


Education & Rehabilitation

No recent news for Montana in this category.

Executions, Death Row & the Death Penalty

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Gangs in Prison

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Health & Medical Treatment

  • Group: Montana warehouses mentally ill inmates
    HELENA, MONT. — Montana officials seeking to free up bed space in the state hospital transfer mentally ill patients to prison, where they are warehoused, mistreated and denied proper mental-health care, a disability-rights advocacy group claims in a federal lawsuit Monday.

    Disability Rights Montana is accusing seven top officials with the state Department of Corrections and Department of Public Health and Human Services of cruel and unusual punishment and due process violations. It filed its lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Butte....[more]

Prison Classification, Placement, & Release

Prison Conditions & Corruption

  • Jefferson jailer faces charges of sex with inmate
    BOULDER, Mont. (AP) — A part-time Jefferson County jailer has been arrested on charges of having sex with an inmate and taking contraband into the jail.

    Sheriff Craig Doolittle said Wednesday that Rodney Mortimore of Boulder was arrested after ......[more]

Prison Life & Culture

Riots, Lockdowns & Escapes

Suicides in Prison

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Workplace & Industry News, and Science & Tech News



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