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Recent events, organized by category (below) or region/state (right), concerning the corrections industry in New Jersey. Comments, suggestions and contributions (below) appreciated.


Education & Rehabilitation

No recent news for New Jersey in this category.

Executions, Death Row & the Death Penalty

Gangs in Prison

Health & Medical Treatment

  • Once-notorious Passaic jail earns accreditation for medical-service excellence
    The Passaic County Jail, once notorious for poor treatment of inmates, has received national accreditation for its new medical services unit and the quality of care it offers to people behind bars.

    The National Commission on Correctional Health Care reviewed in-house medical services last fall and determined the jail now meets the highest standards of care....[more]

Prison Classification, Placement, & Release

Prison Conditions & Corruption

  • Passaic County Jail inmate sues over medical treatment
    A former inmate at the Passaic County Jail says he had to wait 12 days before being taken to a hospital after breaking a foot — so long that doctors had to rebreak the bones so they could heal correctly.

    In a lawsuit, Martin Bosland, 46, of Ringwood said he broke four bones in his left foot while getting down from the top bunk of his cell on Oct. 6, 2012....[more]

  • Solitary confinement limited inmate's access to legal advice, lawyer says
    ELIZABETH — The lawyer for a prison inmate who spent three years in solitary confinement said in court today that his client was denied access to legal advisers during that time....[more]

  • Corrections officer from Paterson guilty of smuggling heroin
    A Hudson County jury convicted a Paterson man who worked as a corrections officer of smuggling heroin and marijuana into the state’s treatment center for sex offenders, the state’s acting Attorney General said....[more]

  • Van Drew Bills Target Prison Violence
    six bills will be introduced May 10 by Assemblyman Jeff Van Drew (D-1st) bolstering the state...[more]

Prison Life & Culture

  • Tomoka inmates find Buddhism
    James Perez, 44, is a former professional kickboxer and “combat athlete” now doing the time in a state prison just outside of Daytona Beach for a “little street justice.”...[more]

  • Englewood school donating books to students who are incarcerated
    ENGLEWOOD - Janis E. Dismus Middle School plans to donate about 2,000 books and other learning materials to help incarcerated college students continue their studies....[more]

Riots, Lockdowns & Escapes

No recent news for New Jersey in this category.

Suicides in Prison

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Workplace & Industry News, and Science & Tech News

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