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Recent events, organized by category (below) or region/state (right), concerning the corrections industry in New Mexico. Comments, suggestions and contributions (below) appreciated.


Education & Rehabilitation

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Executions, Death Row & the Death Penalty

Gangs in Prison

Health & Medical Treatment

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Prison Classification, Placement, & Release

  • What Happens When A City Decides to Offer Addicts Services, Not Prison Sentences?
    For decades, the United States has tried to punish and shame people out of drug addiction with courts, jails and criminal records. It has been massively unsuccessful, as the nationwide rise in opiate addiction over the last few years demonstrates, and few people are more aware of its failure than the police officers tasked with arresting addicts....[more]

  • NM not planning larger women’s prison
    SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) – New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez’s administration isn’t looking to expand the state women’s prison despite requesting proposals from private prison contractors for a facility with up to 850 beds, according to a Corrections Department official....[more]

  • New Mexico prisoner segregation under review
    Corrections Secretary Gregg Marcantel outlined his plan Friday before a legislative committee as state and county officials respond to a recent report that criticized New Mexico's widespread use of solitary confinement in prisons and jails....[more]

  • State of New Mexico says it doesn't have required DNA samples for 138 prisoners
    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - The state Department of Corrections has determined that DNA wasn't collected as required from numerous state prison inmates, a lapse that hinders investigations into unsolved crimes....[more]

Prison Conditions & Corruption

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Prison Life & Culture

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Riots, Lockdowns & Escapes

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Suicides in Prison

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Workplace & Industry News, and Science & Tech News

  • Former New Mexico Probation Officer Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault and False Statements Charges
    ALBUQUERQUE – Gordon Chavez, 35, a former probation officer with the New Mexico Department of Corrections Division of Probation and Parole, pleaded guilty today in federal court in Albuquerque, N.M., to charges related to the sexual assault of a probationer whom he supervised. Chavez pleaded guilty to one count of violating the victim’s right to bodily integrity when he touched her against her will. Chavez also pleaded guilty to one count of making material false statements to the FBI when he denied both inappropriately touching females whom he supervised and asking for naked photos of them.

    According to court documents, Ch...[more]



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